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Clusters Of The Unvaccinated Population In The US Are More Prone To The Delta Variants Of The Virus

Some experts have expressed concern to the CBS’s Face of the Nation that the delta variant can cause another outbreak in the US among the clusters of unvaccinated populations.

According to Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former Commissioner of the Us Food and Drug Administration implies that the latest outbreak may not be very pervasive like the initial pandemic.

Clusters Of The Unvaccinated Population In The US Are More Prone To The Delta Variants Of The Virus

However, very heavy infection rates are restricted to particular regions with a heavy concentration of the unvaccinated population, particularly among the rural and southern communities.

Risk for few states:

As per the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention data, 46.1% of the total population in the US are vaccinated with both doses of the vaccination.

Three are still states with a very low vaccination rate, like Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Wyoming, where only 35% of the population is immunized.

Even the initial vaccination goal of the government, to immunize 70-80% of its population before the 4th of July, has lagged behind as the vaccination rate slows down. However, experts like Anthony Fauci is unsure that the goal to achieve herd immunity by reaching the vaccination milestone will not be met.

Recommendation to handle a potential outbreak:

As experts like Gottlieb fear a potential outbreak among the least vaccinated population of the society, recommendations have been issued to remain prepared for handling any emergency.

Recommendations are forwarded to the federal authorities to prepare healthcare resources for vulnerable individuals and to organize vaccination campaigns to reach the grassroots levels of society by the fall season.

Gottlieb further implies ensuring the supply of vaccines to the doctors so that they are available for administration even at doctor’s offices while being hopeful that all those who have not yet received the shots will surely look at the reality and decide to get immunized before they go back to their regular social life.

Rise in hospitalizations in Arkansas; governor urges people to get vaccinated:

Arkansas has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the US, where only 33.9% of the population is fully vaccinated.

As the threat of a potential outbreak looms over the state, Gov. Asa Hutchinson encourages the residents of the state to get immunized on an urgent basis while making all the preparations to tackle a public healthcare emergency.

Although the state is witnessing a rise in hospitalization cases, Hutchinson implies that there is no need to implement any strict covid protocol like the initial pandemic days.

Hutchinson states that people know to do what to do and what not to do and it is their own responsibility to a large extent to keep themselves safe.

The worry remains regarding the spread of the virus in the fall and winter seasons, and Hutchinson says that if incentives cannot encourage people to get vaccinated, the reality of the virus spread surely will.

Are all vaccines equally effective against the variants of the virus:

The US is more equipped to deal with the treats of the delta variants and there is also data available from countries like the UK to make better predictions about the spread of the virus.

From the data obtained from the UK, it can be concluded that the Pfizer/BioNTech and the Moderna vaccines are 94% and 90% effective, respectively. Even if someone contacts the infection, it prevents any serious and long-term illness in the individual.

However, no such data is available for the J&J vaccine that has been administered to an estimated 12 million people in the US.The experts are looking forward to receiving any clarification on the effectiveness of the single-dose J& J vaccine against the delta variant, and if it does not seem to be as effective as the other vaccines that are being used in the US, then the use of the J&J vaccine will be discontinued.

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