Updated Covid Boosters Targeting New Variants Are Approved By The U.S

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 10, 2022

The world has undergone a paradigm shift in the way it operates since the hit of the pandemic. Everywhere you could see some people getting infected by the virus, some undergoing treatment and getting better and almost the entire population would have vaccinated themselves by now. You yourselves are the ones who got themselves vaccinated.

The original vaccinations were made by two organizations namely Pfizer and Moderna. The Pfizer vaccination is suitable for both children and adults. Ideally, anyone who is older than 12 years of age is eligible for the Pfizer vaccination. But Moderna’s vaccination is suitable only for adults since it is highly powerful.

From the basic spread of coronavirus, today the omicron is at its peak endangering the lives of many people. The first strains of omicron were visible in South Africa in November 2021 and were immediately reported to the World Health Organization. Today, the omicron variant has circulated around the world and has made its mark in many countries. 

U.S Approves Updated Covid Boosters Targeting Newest Variants

To protect the people and diminish the strength of the omicron virus, the United States has made authorization to issue the first Booster Vaccine, by making an update to the existing covid-19 vaccination and targeting the strain of omicron.

The Food and Drug Administration has made necessary tweaks and alterations to the shots that were issued by Pfizer to formulate the booster vaccination. They chose the formulation made by Pfizer since its formulations have saved the world tremendously during the first and second waves of the pandemic.

Updated Covid Boosters Targeting New Variants Are Approved By The U.S

This update to the booster vaccines was made by the federal authorities of the United States of America last Wednesday. These booster vaccines aim at pulling down the spread of the BA.5 omicron and help us safely get through the pandemic season.

The reason the older vaccines will not help prevent the omicron at a significant level is because of the absence of bivalent shots. The original vaccine contains elements that target only the virus present at the initial stage and fails to eradicate the omicron virus. But in the booster shot, there has been a reformulation of the older vaccine and the current booster shot contains two combinations.

One combination is the formulation of the older vaccine and the second combination targets the newer versions of the coronavirus, namely omicron and more specifically the BA.4 and BA.5 version of omicron and aims at eradicating them at the roots since they are highly contagious and has the potential to spread at a faster rate.

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In addition to targeting omicron, the booster vaccine is formulated with powerful ingredients that protect your body against multiple variants. 

But the government is providing booster vaccination only for the people who have got the original vaccination. You can opt for the booster vaccination post the passage of at least two months from the original vaccination. The Government has not yet decided which category of people are eligible for the booster vaccination and if it will be decided on the basis of risk associated but they have stated the same would be confirmed within this week. 

Owing to the huge demand from people for getting themselves vaccinated with the booster vaccine, the government has made an order with Pfizer and Moderna for more than 150 million doses and the shipments are expected to arrive in batches from the following week. The people who were already infected with covid-19 are also advised to get the booster vaccination since it specifically targets the omicron variant. The booster vaccine will help in refreshing your immune system and strengthens the same. 

The booster vaccination helps in providing a cross-protection and ensures you are well prepared to face the omicron spread without fear. 


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