Urinary Incontinence Affects Women’s Mental Stability

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : July 19, 2021

The research was recently conducted by the experts about the health condition of females and their situation of holding the urge to urinate.  According to the study, experts found those millions of women are being plagued by the disruptions which are faced daily with urinary incontinence as this theory is suggested to be harmful to their mental stability on health care.

Urinary Incontinence Affects Women’s Mental Stability

According to the survey conducted by the researchers based on the study, they stated that 10,000 adult women are taken part in the health ministry survey conducted by the government every five years. The survey reported that every 1 in 10 women are found with urinary incontinence where the rates have resulted with 4 among 10 women over 75 women.

Urinary Incontinence Affects Women’s Mental Stability

Investigators found that the women who are reported with urinary incontinence are having 66 percent likely results compared to other women who are already diagnosed with other related traumas such as depression, etc., those women had visited the doctors who are more often with mental reasons on health issues.

As per the experts, urinary incontinence was never taken into account with the diagnosis of mental stability but this research has thrown light on the same and hence women need to change their habits to have a stable mind as well as to concentrate on different tasks in routine.

They also stated that “women who are mainly with incontinence are reported with 65 percent and are tended with likely symptoms in bad health conditions” on this note, the trouble is concentrated in the majority of women who are having more feelings with lower self-worth and guilt among them.

According to the University news release, Margarida Manzo who is the famous Urologist at the hospital centers stated that “there are the majority of levels with depression and low self-worth mainly in women who are being reported with having urinary incontinence which is turned with concerning factors” 

On an additional note, she said that “urinary incontinence is treatable on the certain conditions although there will be some side effects which are potentially possible in every woman after the treatment” in some women, there are preferable conditions which impact their mental health based on their health conditions.

Researchers found that there are no findings on substantial differences between alcohol consumption and smoking for women who are with urinary incontinence and without incontinence.

Manzo stated that “urologists are preferred to ask queries from patients to treat according to them for keeping their mental health in stabilized conditions” while discussing the treatments schedule on urinary incontinence the treatments are done based on the physical conditions and issues which can help the psychological facts and costs according to their condition.

On a personal note, for women researchers stated that “this will be more emphasizing with patients who are still trying to understand the better ways to decrease the mental burden over urinary incontinence”

In a recent news release by the University Christopher Chapple who is the chief professor at the hospitals noted that “Urinary Incontinence is recognized often by the doctors until the patient reveals the actual problem”. This is the devasting impact all over the people who are affected by this, predominantly the women are same as men on such aspects. 

Chapple said that “the majority of cases on urinary incontinence are significantly improved by the right cure and treatment” on an additional note the important factor lies in affected patients that they are identified quickly with an initial treatment on appropriate consequences.

These findings by the researchers are presented over preliminary considerations to have correct treatment for women who are suffering from urinary incontinence. 

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