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US Air Force reports 8500 Personals Not Vaccinated

In a recent public announcement, the US Air Force reported that 8500 personals have missed the covid 19 vaccination deadline. As many as 5000 people have refused to take vaccination seeking religious exemptions.

The application for religious exemption is being still reviewed and takes roughly 30 days. If the applicant wants, he or she can also lodge an appeal which would take another 30 days.

US Air Force reports 8500 Personals Not Vaccinated

It has been reported by the Air Force that 95.9% of the personals are fully vaccinated which includes Space Force and Air Force members while 96.9% have got one shot.

The total number of working people in the Air Force is 3,26,000 and when considering this only a very minute percent has refused to get vaccinated.

US Air Force reports 8500 Personals Not Vaccinated

Ann Stefanek the Air Force spokeswoman stated getting vaccinated is the first and most major part of the country`s defense system.

The personals who are fully vaccinated will be able to serve the country at any place at any time thereby increasing the security measures as well. 2nd Nov was the deadline that was given to Air Force to get everyone vaccinated at least with one shot. 

This was the first deadline set for US armed forces and soon other forces will also receive a deadline from the Commander in Chief. Air Force stated that among the 8486 members 800 people have verbally refused to take the vaccine.

Roughly 2753 service members have not yet started the vaccination process and the reason has not been given out as to why there was such a delay in getting vaccinated.

The spokeswoman stated that Air Force will contact their upper ranks to see why there was a delay for these service members.

Another 4933 service members are still waiting for their religious exemptions to be passed. Air Force stated that they will finish the review of all the requests of service members who are seeking religious exemption by Dec 2. 

Ann stated that so far as per the medical and administrative exemptions 1866 people have been exempted. Under administrative exemption around 400 people have been exempted as they are due to retire in the coming months. Air Force has not yet exempted any person on the basis of religious exemption.

These actions have led to many disciplinary courses and the course of hearings has not yet been set. If after the decline of religious exemptions, the service members refuse to take the vaccine a strict punishment will be served and might also be removed from service as the members are directly declining the instructions sent by the White House. 

Many people stated that the government should understand why the military doesn’t want the vaccine and work their way upwards, while a vast majority states that this is highly undisciplinary action and strict punishment should be served. As of now, no personal comment has been received from any of the Air Force members.

Many of the religious leaders have also come forward stating that getting vaccination won’t harm their religion or themselves. This comes as a great relief to the government as many people got their shots after their religious leaders made a public announcement related to vaccines and how this will save them.

In other news, the US is all set to vaccinate millions of kids starting next week. Doctors and hospitals have been advised to provide all necessary information to parents as many of them fear that the vaccination might cause infertility in their kids and are not agreeing to get vaccinated which could prove to be a troublesome issue if not countered.

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