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US Diplomats In China Forced To Undergo Anal Swab Testing For COVID 19

The US Government has received assurance from China that the test was a mistake, said a State Department officer.

The US Department of State announced Thursday that the country’s diplomats were forced to undergo anal swab test for COVID 19. They have lodged a strong protest to Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It has received assurance from the Chinese Government the test was a mistake. And those diplomats were generally exempt from such tests.

US Diplomats In China Forced To Undergo Anal Swab Testing For COVID 19

The Department of State is determined to ensure the security and safety of its diplomats and their families. It also gives utmost priority to preserving their dignity. This, it wants, to be in consistency with the Vienna Convention and other legal provisions.

US Diplomats In China Forced To Undergo Anal Swab Testing For COVID 19

The spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, however, told a news channel that he had checked with his colleagues. As per his understanding, China has never asked the US diplomats stationed there to undergo such a swab test.

According to certain health experts, anal swab is more accurate than swab tests from mouth or nose to check for the traces of coronavirus. According to them, viruses stay longer in fecal matter than in the lungs.

China had done this ahead of its lunar New Year festivities. They did it to trace viruses when the country stepped up its screening for the purpose. They did it after a series of outbreaks.

In the mainland, there were up to 89,864 confirmed instances of COVID 19 from the time the outbreak started. The death toll, however, remains consistent for some time.

The relation between China and the US was on a rough note under President Trump. He had criticized China for unfair trade practices. The treatment the country meted out to Hong Kong and its Muslim minority was other issues the two sparred over.

Some experts had even advised the US that countering Chinese predatory leadership is a must for protecting the country’s interests.

President Biden talked to his Chinese counterpart on phone early this month. It was in fact, his first phone call to China. Afterwards, the White House said that it has expressed grave concerns about China’s unfair trade practices and its crackdown in Hong Kong.

It had also indicated its human rights violations in the region and its increasing aggressiveness in the region. The statement also revealed that the two had also discussed ways to fight off COVID 19 and other concerns of mutual interests like climate change.

Here are answers to your most pressing questions on COVID 19 test:

  1. Who should get tested?
  • Those who have the symptoms of COVID 19
  • Those who had to stay within six feet of a COVID 19 patient for more than 15 minutes.
  • Those who had to participate in high-risk activities where you cannot maintain social distancing
  • Those whom the healthcare professional has referred for a COVID 19 test

Remember, not everyone needs COVID 19 testing. If you get tested, you should stay in self-quarantine for 14 days and follow the advice given.

  1. How to get tested?
  • Visit your local or State’s Health department website for information.
  • If you feel that you have symptoms, contact your healthcare provider.

Let your health provider determine what type of test you need. It may vary based on your physical condition.

  1. What comes after the result?
  • If you happen to test positive, know how to protect others from getting infected. The government portals abound with information in this regard.
  • Testing negative does not give you complete freedom. It just means that you don’t have the infection at that time. Take measures to protect those around you.
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