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The US Must Do Something Dramatic If It Is To Protect Itself From Covid-19

Vaccination rates are lagging in 49 states, and Covid-19 cases are surging. The expert said Americans must take “dramatic action” to keep their country safe.

The CDC guidance about fully vaccinated people has been misinterpreted by the public as meaning they can do whatever they want, CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Leana Wen explained on CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Thursday. It is now possible for us to act as if we were vaccinated even if we are unvaccinated.

The US Must Do Something Dramatic If It Is To Protect Itself From Covid-19

There have been at least 10% more Covid-19 cases a week ago than there were a week ago. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, 38 states have seen at least a 50% increase. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics indicate only 48.3% of Americans are fully vaccinated, thus contributing to the rise in antibiotic resistance.

Only 35.1% of Arkansas’s population is fully immunized, and “cases are doubling every 10 days” as a result of the Delta variant, said Cam Patterson, Chancellor of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. According to CNN affiliate KATV, emergency response services are receiving a record number of calls due to the outbreak of the virus.

US Must Do Something Dramatic If It Is To Protect Itself From Covid-19

According to a statement from the Springfield-Greene County Health Department, the county has asked the state for funding and an additional care center to manage a rise in severe cases, according to the statement.

If enough people get vaccines, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control, says this could prevent a falling spike. Nevertheless, she told ABC’s Good Morning America, if the rate of cases rises, cities and states may consider restricting travel for unvaccinated travelers.

Vaccination and other preventive measures are really important at this point, according to Waldensky. Added McFarland, they still need to communicate in the same manner as last year.

Several factors might be contributing to the outbreak getting worse, including the increase in cases, a decline in vaccination rates, and the spread of the Delta variant.

In response to an outbreak that has left 10 million people hospitalized in Los Angeles County, Calif., the county has reinstated its mask mandate beginning Saturday. LA County’s lead, said Wen, should be followed by other locales right now.

University and college vaccination requirements

Vaccinations are already mandatory in some businesses and hospitals, and now universities have started to require vaccines as well. This week, Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee announced that public and private colleges and universities will now have to require their students to be fully vaccinated before they return to campus this fall.

The health director of Rhode Island, Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott, said vaccinations are necessary for having a successful academic year in the state’s news release.

We cannot let down our guard now, Scott said. Our students in places throughout the country are now being exposed to the Delta variant. Positively, vaccines are available to protect against this strain. The elderly should also get vaccinated today if they have not already done so.

And the largest public university system in the nation, the University of California, said it wants to mandate full vaccination of students, faculty, and staff in the fall. UC officials announced Thursday that anyone without an exemption may not attend classes, activities, or live in the campus housing.

The US could be protected from further spread of the epidemic with local vaccine mandates, say experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci. With vaccine development progressing, private companies may be able to fulfill such mandates more easily.

There are 343,000 vaccinations carried out every day, a rate which is about a quarter less than one month ago when there were 1.3 million vaccinations carried out every day. Getting full approval from the US Department of Health and Human Services will solve any legal questions that private employers may have, according to former Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Vaccination rates have dropped because many people are wary or resisting vaccinations, experts said, so imposing restrictions on work and school may be one way to motivate people to reach the threshold for slowing or stopping the outbreak.

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