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US Is Few Days Away From Mass Vaccinations – Read Now!

The covid-19 developed by Pfizer is all set to get approval from the FDA as the committee of leading US vaccine scientists have recommended that the vaccine is effective and safe. FDA will now decide on mass vaccinations that are likely to start within the next few days.

US Is Few Days Away From Mass Vaccinations

In the first phase of vaccinations, frontline Healthcare workers and Nursing Home residents may get the covid-19 vaccines. The committee of vaccine scientists that met on Thursday voted 17 to 4 to recommend the vaccine that is named BNT162b2.

US Is Few Days Away From Mass Vaccinations - Read Now!

Even though there were some risks associated with the vaccine, the benefits outweighed them by a huge margin, and the members found that the vaccine could be safely used for most people above the age of 16. Medical experts have called it a huge milestone that will help the authorities to manage the covid-19 pandemic.

Some committee members struggled when it came to authorizing the vaccine for use in teenagers. However, other experts believed that most vaccines are delivered to children and their vaccination rates are far higher than adults across the world. In this regard, giving vaccines to minors is essential to control the widespread transmission of coronavirus.

Other committee members expressed concern for the use of vaccines for minors even though they were comfortable with providing authorization for adults. Infectious disease specialists believe that mixed voting is a good sign as it shows the independence of the group monitoring the development of vaccines. 17 to 4 voting shows that the committee has decided comfortably in favor of authorizing the vaccine for the public. The focus will now shift to the distribution part of the vaccines that are likely to begin in the next few days.

As soon as the FDA gives approval to the vaccine, the national distribution will begin, and it is likely to become a complicated process in the near future. It is important to understand at this point that this is not a full vaccine approval, and the FDA will only be providing an ” emergency use authorization” to control the pandemic.

Committee members also discussed other areas that are still not clear with regards to the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine in the case of pregnant and nursing women. Apart from that, there is still not enough data about the use of vaccines in people who are suffering from severe allergies and others who are suffering from conditions like HIV. As they gain further knowledge in this regard, suitable updates will be made to the report regarding the vaccine. The company has also promised to conduct further studies regarding this and include trial participants from all groups in the future.

Many experts believe that the FDA may authorize vaccines for emergency use as early as Friday as it has now got the recommendation from the committee. The distribution process will begin immediately after the FDA authorization, and the vaccines will be shipped to all 50 states. The Advisory Committee for CDC will meet on Sunday to discuss the final recommendation and prioritize the distribution of vaccines.

Considering the developments in this regard, the distribution of vaccines may begin as early as Monday. The committee was satisfied with the safety and effectiveness data provided by the manufacturer. The distribution of vaccines started this week in several parts of the UK. As some people developed adverse reactions after receiving the vaccine, some concerns were raised in this regard to the use of vaccines in the US.

Some experts point out that it will be difficult for people with severe allergies to understand how their bodies would react to the ingredients of the vaccine. Given this situation, experts suggest people who are allergic to any of the ingredients of the vaccine to avoid vaccination in the near future till further data is available. The committee experts agreed that more information was needed on allergic reactions, and they may get such relevant data in the next few weeks.

Committee also heard from members of the public who expressed concerns that the clinical trials did not include young children, people with immunity problems, and pregnant women. The manufacturers, however, assured that they would include such people in future trials. Experts believe that the vaccine is effective for most people, and it will be able to break the chain of transmission in the near future.

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