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Is The US Headed Toward Another Virus Spike?

New coronavirus cases due to the recent variant of the coronavirus are emerging in the United States. Top federal health officials are warning to keep a check on the progress of the new COVID-19 cases.

The warnings are repeatedly given in light of the fact that many states are lifting up the COVID-19 restrictions, and that can speed up the transmission of the COVID-19 infection. 

Is The US Headed Toward Another Virus Spike?

Dr. Anthony Fauci has also warned people and states that the new COVID-19 cases have risen at a rapid rate in America.

Many states, including Arizona, California, and South Carolina, have also joined in the list of states that are relaxing the general guidelines during the pandemic; at the same time, many restrictions have been lift up. 

Is The US Headed Toward Another Virus Spike?

In Arizona, the businesses are allowed to open in full capacity without a limit. However, the state is still continuing with the mask-mandate guidelines. 

California is all set to revive its economy from the amusement and theme parks in the state. It has announced plans to open up the theme parks, including Disneyland, by April 1. Though the capacity is limited and also the parks will be opened for the visitors from California alone. However. The state has continued with the mask-mandatory stature. 

Fauci said that the US has very recently experienced the worst surge of cases in the country. The country has again reached the spot with about 60,000 to 70,000 new coronavirus cases per day. This simply indicates that the people in America are still on the verge of spreading the infection widely. Another viral spike is indicated by such an enormous activity of the virus in a week. 

Fauci added that the average number of coronavirus cases in 7 days is about 61,000 per day. Although the value is the lowest since last October, the number is still closer to the highest peak of the COVID-19 infection at around the same time in last summers.

Fauci said that we have plateaued or flattened the coronavirus curve, which is a good indication of the curve of newly emerging viral cases. But the same case scenario is seen in the UK a well. They have flattened the coronavirus curve, implying no new cases are coming up, but suddenly, a “boom” happened. 

Despite the fact that the UK had maintained a plateau on the coronavirus curve, the nation reported a 9% increase in the number of cases last week. All the new COVID-19 cases are due to the new variant of the coronavirus. 

Fauci said that this is something the United States should work upon to avoid the new cases’ sudden rise.  

America’s vaccination drive is moving ahead with a fast pace. With three available vaccines, health officials and the government are making all efforts to vaccinate its maximum population as early as possible. 

The Biden government is expecting to vaccinate even the adult population by May end of this year. The drive has picked up a pace with the recently approved Johnsons and Johnsons vaccine as well. The single-shot vaccine has reduced the time period to count people in the list of fully vaccinated populations.

With the vaccination drive, states are now focused on reviving the economy. That is the reason that businesses, the tourism sector, and many other Institutes are being reopened, and restrictions are pulled off. 

But health officials are still concerned if the ease in restrictions and guidelines can lead the country back to the original level of COVID-19 cases. Reopening of places is fine, but one still needs to continue with the COVID-19 guidelines that include mandatory mask-wearing in public places, social distancing and frequent hand washing and sanitization. 

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