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As The US Is Heading Towards Normal, Some Officials Are Alarming By The Situation

Ten thousand school students have walked into their classrooms after almost a year in Chicago public schools on Monday. Restaurants in and around Massachusetts are being allowed to open with no cap on the number of people. And leisure places like movie theaters and roller skating rinks are allowed in most parts of the state and have opened up with much lesser restrictions. South Carolina has removed the limits on big gatherings.

As The US Is Heading Towards Normal, Some Officials Are Alarming By The Situation

Around the country, on the first of March, everyone saw a wave of reopenings and liftings of the Covid-19 restrictions. This can be considered a ‘sign’ that more Americans are coming out after several months of homestay, even if everyone hasn’t agreed that the time to go out has come.

As The US Is Heading Towards Normal, Some Officials Are Alarming By The Situation

There are many reasons for this newly found optimism. The round of vaccinations has significantly spiked in these recent weeks, and everyday reports of the Covid-19 cases have fallen sharply in the US after the January peaks.

In Kentucky, there are a bunch of schools in various districts now that are providing in-person classes, while the state is heading towards vaccinating teachers as early as possible. In the previous week, the state’s falling infection rates have shown that immunization programs have started to make an impact. Gov. Andy Beshear has said this in a press meet.

He said that this means vaccines are working properly. We have already seen that. Everyone sees this impact in the numbers. This is a great positive sign.

The chief adviser in President Biden’s medical field for Covid-19, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, said this at a news briefing on Monday. There are a certain group of people that are small in numbers who have been completely vaccinated. Now there is a low risk in gatherings. Any activities beyond this, he said, will depend on the data, a common sense in the clinical way and modeling, adding that the CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will soon provide guidance for the people who have been vaccinated and what activities they can do.

Some positive signs come with limitations. Though these national statistics have improved dramatically in January, it has become straight since the previous week and alike. But the US still has greater than 65,000 new cases per day on average. This can be compared to the peak of the previous summer’s surge, as per the New York Times database. The country has still been getting an average of around 2,000 deaths daily, though the deaths are still to be proven as a lagging indicator since it will take more weeks for patients to die, unfortunately.

There are more contagious variants of the Covid-19 virus, which are circulating throughout the country, with more potential to push these case counts to go up once again. The testing has already fallen by more than 30 percent in recent weeks, leaving experts more worried about how quickly these new outbreaks are being known. And millions of Americans are still waiting to be vaccinated.

After having said all that, some experts worry about the reopenings, which have come a bit too soon.

Hopefully, we are in the middle of what everyone hopes that this might be the last greater wave of the virus and at the beginning of this period where we hope Covid-19 may become very uncommon. Robert Horsburgh, who is a leading epidemiologist at the Boston University School of Public Health, said this. Yet we haven’t known that. We have been telling this to the people to stay in their homes instead of crowded for 4 to 6 more weeks.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the director of the CDC, has held up a briefing on Monday that she was quite worried about these rollbacks of restrictions in some states. 

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