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US Hits 500,000 Death Toll From COVID-19

It is nearly a year since the coronavirus pandemic hit the World. People in America now seem unwilling to wear masks and are desperate to return to the normalcy that existed before the pandemic.

But now, the grim news of the COVID-19 deaths tallying a number of 500,000 in the US alone, the residents should rethink ignoring the WHO’s guidelines to contain the pandemic.

US hits 500,000 Death Toll From COVID-19

According to a report compiled by the John Hopkins University, the death toll due to the coronavirus pandemic has already surpassed the number of deaths that occurred in 2019 due to chronic respiratory diseases, Alzheimer’s, pneumonia, flu and stroke combined together.

US hits 500,000 Death Toll from COVID-19

The death toll in the country is equal in size to the population of Kansas City or Missouri and only a bit lower than the population of Atlanta. 

According to Anthony Fauci, the country’s well-known expert in infectious diseases, the country had not witnessed such a grim scenario in 102 years since the 1918’s influenza pandemic. 

The first death in the US due to the pandemic was reported on Feb 2020. Since then, the death rate is increasing alarmingly. Within four months from the first reported COVID-19 deaths, the death toll hit the mark of 100,000.

In September 2020, the death toll was 200,000 that reached 400,000 in December. It took only a month now to touch the 500,000 marks this year nearly. 

According to John Hopkins, the death toll worldwide is approaching 2.5 million. 

It is estimated that the actual death toll might be higher than reported as there are cases when the diagnosis is not made on the deceased in many cases. The testing during the early periods of the pandemic was not sufficient, and many cases must not have even been reported. 

The healthcare workers have been working endlessly during the pandemic. They have seen constant suffering and deaths due to the coronavirus infection.

While caring for the patients, they are exposing themselves continuously to the diseases. They are left exhausted with a long span of the pandemic and are eagerly waiting for this to end. 

The healthcare workers are now sick and tired of people who are just ignoring the guidelines and are reluctant to follow social distancing, are not avoiding roaming around uselessly or are not in favor of wearing masks. 

Eric Cioe-Peña is an emergency room physician who is also running a COVID-19 field hospital in Staten Island. He agreed that there is tangible fatigue in the health care workers towards the people disregarding the public health guidelines. 

He added that they always tell their patients to follow the guidelines and ask them to compel their known ones as well to wear masks and follow social distancing when in public.

He said that the healthcare workers now don’t want clapping hands and thank you gestures, any baked goods or anything else. They just want the people to wear masks, stay safe and not get infected by the virus. 

The center for diseases control and prevention has recorded a tally of 409,000 coronavirus cases that includes 1,438 deaths of healthcare workers nationwide. However, the agency is acknowledging the fact that the data with them is not complete. 

But the frontline workers, including the healthcare staff, are relieved only a bit after the arrival of the vaccines. They are a bit glad to be prioritized in the vaccination queue.  

But even though the vaccines are now out, according to a coronavirus model developed by the University of Washington, the death toll is likely to surpass 589,000 by June. 

The situation is really alarming, and one still needs to follow the guidelines.

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