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US Hospitals Still Fighting To Fit In Non-Vaccinated Patients In ICU Beds

Getting fully vaccinated against the virus can provide protection against the most extreme of the situations like death. The state-federal systems have been trying to push people to get both the shots as and when they are eligible. Although the unvaccinated numbers now comprise slightly less than the minority, the health care personals are still getting strained with a countable number of Covid-19 patients, a situation that could be controlled with full vaccinations.

US Hospitals Still Fighting To Fit In Non-Vaccinated Patients In ICU Beds

Of all the states, 26 have completed their full vaccinations which comprise 53.7 % of their population, and 73.7% who are 12 years and older, have received just one shot according to the US CDC. Colorado is one such state, which has the lowest Covid-19 case rates with an average of about 163.6 new cases per 100,000 people.

US Hospitals Still Fighting To Fit In Non-Vaccinated Patients In ICU Beds

The Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, is pleading with its people to complete the vaccination and get it done as the state has the lowest number of ICU beds available which are almost reaching their capacity. On the East Coast, Vermont, Connecticut, and Massachusetts have succeeded in fully vaccinating two-thirds of their population.

In Florida, 54.8% of the residents have got fully vaccinated. In spite of having low rates of new cases per capita, in most states like Florida and Petersburg, the US Department of Health and Human Resources said that ICU beds are slowly losing out to the maximum number of unvaccinated cases.

The US CDC has said that although the Delta variant is contagious enough, yet vaccinations can be highly effective against hospitalizations. The Moderna vaccine is said to be 95% effective, Pfizer/BioNTech 80%, and Johnson & Johnson to be 60%. The emergence of the new Mu strain is a cause of concern for all.

However, Dr. Anthony Fauci has assured the people that no matter what the strain is, be it Beta, Delta, or Mu, the effect of antibodies on them is almost similar in nature and hence the vaccinations surely have the capacity to minimize the critical effects of the virus. As for the booster dose that is under consideration, Dr. Rochelle Walansky, the CDC Director, has said the data would be updated soon and they are waiting for recommendations.

Meanwhile, the schools in the US which were planning a reopen in the fall semester are still giving it a good thought as the number of outbreaks in schools has increased. According to the former US Food and Drug Administration Commissioner, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, placing students in pods and giving them a routine checkup, can effectively reduce the number of outbreaks at school premises.

He insisted that instead of quarantining the entire classroom and preventing students from passing the virus, it is important that regular testing is done. At least seven schools in Fulton Georgia have agreed upon remote learning starting from Monday. Schools like Westlake High and Sandtown Middle, are following suit due to surges in positive cases in the premises. At least 3 or more students or staff are getting infected at the same site. The school authorities are planning to resume normal schools from the last week of September.

In spite of the lower number of cases being recorded in most places and vaccination drives at full swing, many still remain unvaccinated who are eligible yet not willing to protect themselves or the nation. Keeping the present situation in mind, every citizen should take this responsibility and get vaccinated.

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