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A New Report Says The US Is Lagging Behind In The Race For Vaccination As Delta Variants Become More Prevalent

There has been a decline in vaccination rates and a rise in cases of the deadly Covid-19 caused by the more infectious Delta variant and an expert says it’s vital that Americans are vaccinated to win the war. We are losing time, according to Dr. Francis Collins. We can’t just sit around and make rational decisions when Delta variants are spreading and people are dying. His office oversees the National Institutes of Health, CNN reported on Wednesday.

In Arkansas, the dean of medical sciences at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences raised the alarm about current rates of invasive Covid-19 infections and hospitalizations. On Twitter, Chancellor Cam Patterson explained that the Delta variant is causing a doubling in cases every 10 days, and hospitals are full at the moment.

A New Report Says The US Is Lagging Behind In The Race For Vaccination

According to Patterson, if that trend continues, along with his interaction with Gov. Asa Hutchinson, it will be extremely difficult to provide care over the next two weeks for both Covid and non-Covid patients. Although hospitals can add more ICU beds, the shortage of staff is an acute problem, Patterson said. Patterson stated that they have reached a certain limit.

A New Report Says The US Is Lagging Behind In The Race For Vaccination

While vaccines have been widely available to Americans for months, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that only 48.3% of the country is fully vaccinated — and the rate of new vaccinations is declining. Compared with two months ago, it fell by 11% and is less than a quarter of the pace from a week ago.

Despite this, the case rate has been rising dramatically. Johns Hopkins University research shows that new cases were at least 10% higher in 47 states over the last week than the previous week. Thirty-five states have seen more than 50% increases in their population.

Vaccines’ benefits can be seen in the numbers, experts say

There are a majority of unvaccinated Americans, and this group is feeling the brunt of the pandemic’s effects. Officials and experts blame disinformation for the high rate of unvaccinated Americans.

In Collins’ words, this is more than just the expression of opinions that might be wrong, this is a matter of life and death. Several studies now show that over 99% of patients currently hospitalized with Covid-19 have not been vaccinated, Collins said. Vaccinated people have thus protected so severely ill people aren’t at risk of contracting the disease, Collins says. Health experts are most concerned about the Delta variant of the virus right now, he said, so the vaccines continue to show great promise.

Collins hopes that Americans will take steps to protect themselves by getting vaccinated based on the data. Collins said those on the fence about the effectiveness of vaccination should listen to this: If one is on the fence about whether or not it will help them, listen to those numbers. Is there any reason we need to wait here? Please roll up your sleeves if you have not done so already.

Vivek Murthy, the US Surgeon General, said at a White House briefing that health misinformation has cost Americans lives. In a 22-page advisory, he explains how the US should confront health misinformation.

He also urged people to check sources before reposting Covid information on social media. Murthy called on tech companies to monitor misinformation closely and take action on “misinformation spreaders.” In his opinion, if someone isn’t sure, one shouldn’t share it. Vaccinations are moving slowly due to misinformation, according to Murthy.

According to Murthy, this is one of several reasons people avoid vaccinations, but it’s an important one because we know that two-thirds of people who don’t get vaccinated believe common myths about the Covid-19 vaccine or think they may be true.

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