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US Is ‘Losing Time’ In Vaccination Race As Delta Variant Becomes More Pervasive, Expert Says

A new strain of the pervasive Delta-variant is on the rise. Moreover, if reports are to be believed, it is more pervasive than the older strains. However, the vaccination rate is going down. With reports trickling in from the US, the more people get vaccinated, the safer it is for the population.

US Is ‘Losing Time’ In Vaccination Race As Delta Variant Becomes More Pervasive, Expert Says

However, vaccination drives have stagnated. Furthermore, infection is again on the rise in the US. The Delta variant is spreading fast, and people are dying. Top officials from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences have sounded the alarm recently. The Covid-19 infection rates and hospitalization are again on the rise in the states. This is an alarming situation globally. 

US Is 'Losing Time' In Vaccination Race As Delta Variant Becomes More Pervasive, Expert Says

Cases Of Delta-Variant Infection Rising

Chancellor Cam Patterson has said, that hospital beds are filling up faster. As per the recent interviews, with prominent dailies, infection is doubling. Patterson says, that if the trend continues. There would be difficulty in securing beds for both Covid and non-Covid patients.  Moreover, adding more ICU beds will not help either. There is a shortage of medical staff as well. The world has lost many doctors and nurses to the pandemic last year. Although vaccines for all Americans are readily available, only about 48% have managed to get them. The rate of new vaccinations is down by 11%. In 47 states in the US, cases have magnified over the last two weeks. Around 35 states have seen a jump of over 50%. 

Reasons For Reluctance To Get Vaccinated

It seems to be a race against time for American authorities. Officials and experts are of the opinion, that misinformation is the main reason behind this reluctance to get vaccinated. Data samples show that about 99% of patients admitted at various hospitals for Covid are unvaccinated. That shows, that all those who are partly or fully-vaccinated do not need hospital care even if infected. Additionally, the vaccines seem to be working fine. Moreover, the vaccines are effective against the Delta variant as well. 

Dr. Francis Collins, Director of The National Institutes of Health believes that this data could make the rest of the Americans aware. Vaccines are safe and the smartest idea at present. Top doctors in the US, have presented papers at White House meetings recently. It points towards ‘health misinformation’. As, per doctors, this is costing more lives. The doctors at the meeting have requested people not to post any Covid-related information before verification, on social media. More than two-thirds of the population who are not vaccinated are the lone sufferers, who believe it is alright to remain unvaccinated. 

Extra Doses To The Rescue

Experts are of the opinion that Covid-19 booster shots may be required in future. However, at present the current vaccines should suffice. The current vaccines seem to provide adequate protection, along with Covid-19 protocols. Last week, Pfizer has released a statement saying, that booster shots would be required, 6-12 months after getting the second dose. Meetings are on with state health officials at the moment. 

More studies are being conducted to find the longevity of the current vaccine doses. Data on the waning immunity of the population will mark the way for future decisions. However, the most important thing right now, is to get the population vaccinated. Dr. Collins went on to say, that people who have immune deficiencies, might need to go for a third shot. It specifically points towards organ transplant recipients and cancer patients. It is more in line with strengthening the primary immunization program for individuals. Thus, it is evident from the ongoing studies on data samples, that immunization is the key to tackle the virus and its multiple strains. 

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