US Medical Experts Confirm That The Coming Two Weeks Are Critical

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 12, 2022

The coronavirus pandemic is taking a surge every day in the US. According to the health experts, the coming two weeks will be very critical, indeed. Because of the Omicron variant, the caseloads can get to the peak during this month only.

US Medical Experts Confirm That The Coming Two Weeks Are Critical

Proper planning for long-term effectiveness is essential to avoid the tremendous pressure on the health care units- says Dr. Ashish Jha. He is concerned about the current situation prevailing in the whole of the US as well as worldwide. It is really difficult to make the students inside the classrooms as the guardians are not favoring going to schools during this pandemic. As a result, the educational sector is also suffering from a crisis.

US Medical Experts Confirm That The Coming Two Weeks Are Critical

This week, Jha expressed in an interview the current position of the US. In his opinion, two sets of infected people are now in US society. In the first lot, a huge number of already vaccinated people are down with the virus, seeking immediate hospitalizations. However, the situation is going out of control for the hospitals when another group of people not vaccinated yet, are getting infected. They are filling up the beds more, and there lies the risk. This group consists of more than half of the country’s total population who are not willing to take booster shots either.

With so many people getting the infection at the same time is creating lots of stress to the health care units. Moreover, the majority of the US hospitals are undergoing shortages in staffing capacity. Jha opined. “We must focus on formulating suitable strategies to handle the new variants coming. There must be long-term planning to avoid such surges in the future days.”

As per the recently published data from the Health Department of the United States, staffing shortages are present in more than 24% of the US medical establishments. The scenario is taking a more drastic turn with every passing day.

Apart from this, Washington Health Care units pleaded self-testing to all the patients due to the lack of proper resources to conduct the COVID tests. It was applicable especially for people with acute respiratory disorders. As such a problem is one of the primary symptoms of COVID, it was essential to undergo a test.

Such a crush is still visible in the University of North Carolina Medical Center. They have imposed certain restrictions on the patients eligible for the testing. Only the cases that require mandatory Covid testing are entertained now at the university. They address people who must carry out the tests before surgeries, the employees, and the students. Alan M. Wolf confirmed this matter to the media.

With the high rise in the Omicron cases, two mega-sites will open in Georgia soon. The Department of Health of Georgia announced this and assured some more people. Discussions are still going to find more suitable locations to accommodate other people going through the crisis.

A pro-longed approach is the need of the hour if people want schools to reopen soon. In the words of Dr. Jonathan Reiner, to keep the transmissions under control, everyone must take both the shots of vaccinations. Furthermore, it is essential now to take the booster doses to keep a check against the Omicron spread.

The Government must conduct regular testing among the teachers and students. Eligible students must be made aware of the importance of vaccinations. These are the primary shields to prevent corona. As per the professionals, more such cases will become prominent, breaking all the records. So, the hospitals must be ready to handle the upcoming two weeks.

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