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The US Opens Up Its Borders For Foreign Travel From November 8th!

White House has decided to allow fully vaccinated foreign travelers to enter the country from November 8th. This comes as a lease of hope for the ailing travel industry. The sector has been one of the fields hit hard by the Coronavirus safety regulations.

The White House, on October 15th, announced that it will relax its restrictions for fully vaccinated international travelers from November 8th. This, according to the tourism industry, is exciting news.

The US Opens Up Its Borders For Foreign Travel From November 8th!

Kevin Munoz, assistant press secretary for the White House, made this announcement on Twitter. He said that America’s new policy on travel requires that all international travelers be fully vaccinated. And it will come into effect from November 8.

Both the date and the announcement are applicable to the air and to the land travel, he added. America gives utmost priority to public health. And the policy is strict and remains the same all through the country.

The US Opens Up Its Borders For Foreign Travel From November 8th!

The country’s stringent ban on international travel prevented millions of foreigners from entering America. Visitors from the countries like Mexico, China, India, Canada, and almost all European countries had to suffer the consequences. It slowed down the nation’s tourism sector. And the travel industry was forced to suffer a lot.

It also affected the economies of the nation’s border regions. Loved ones had to live separately. And families of foreign professionals could not unite with them. The Biden administration had been facing immense pressure in the matter from his allies. Many hailed the move.

Former President Donald Trump was the first to impose a ban on non-essential travel by air from China last year. Gradually, the ban spread to other countries. During that time, there was no clear outline on the date the country will lift the ban.

President Biden had announced last month that the US will relax its restrictions on international travel from November.

Every single international traveler will have to submit proof of vaccination before the person can board a US-bound flight. The country also requires a negative test result taken within 72 hours of starting the journey. There is no quarantine upon arrival.

The Centers for Disease Control and prevention will determine the vaccine that the country will approve.

The Homeland Security Department had announced a few days earlier than fully vaccinated travelers from Canada and Mexico are free to enter the country. They may use land transportation or use a ferry to enter through the port.

The travel industry is excitedly waiting for a major boost for the industry. As mentioned above, the COVID 19 lockdown had been a major blow to the field.

The announcement breathed new life into the stocks of the country’s hotel industry, airlines, and shipping.

American airlines are witnessing a drastic increase in the sale of tickets to travel abroad after President Biden’s announcement to lift its ban on foreign travel.

According to airlines, the country has to fully open its borders to boost job markets both at home and abroad.

America always stayed behind in re-opening its borders for international borders. Former President Donald Trump, in January, ordered the lifting of a travel ban on Europe and Brazil. But he had to backtrack from the decision.

The US always said that it recommends a vaccine passport. And it had a tough time handling the issue for quite some time.

The US Travel Association hailed the move. It said that the ban caused the loss of more than $200000000000 as revenue. The announced date is of utmost importance. The airlines and travel-related businesses will have to make plans accordingly. And they expect hundreds and thousands of foreigners to visit America in the days ahead.

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