The US Plans To Require Travelers From Other Countries To Get COVID-19 Shots

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 6, 2021

Currently, more than a third of foreign visitors to the United States are required to receive coronavirus vaccinations as part of the Biden administration’s initiative, a White House official said Wednesday.

Foreign citizens visiting the United States are subject to easing travel restrictions as part of the administration’s phased approach. A timeline has not yet been established, as interagency working groups work to determine when and how normal travel can resume safely. In the future, all foreigners entering the nation will need to receive a vaccination against COVID-19 to enter the country, with some limited exceptions. According to the source, the official gave a preview of the policy under development under the condition of anonymity.

The US plans To Require Travelers From Other Countries To Get COVID-19 Shots

Travel restrictions have been in place by the Biden administration to prevent international travelers from visiting the U.S., citing concerns about the viral spread. In order to enter the United States, non-US residents may not have been to China, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Ireland, the European Schengen Area, Brazil, or India in the previous 14 days. All visitors to the United States must submit a COVID-19 test negative within three days of their air travel to the country, regardless of vaccination status.

The US plans To Require Travelers From Other Countries To Get COVID-19 Shots

In addition to allies affected by the regulations, the air travel industry and families separated from loved ones have pressed the Biden administration to lift some restrictions. There is a growing concern that the current travel restriction does not reflect the situation with the virus, considering that caseloads in the U.S. are higher than in the prohibited countries.

A federal safety advisory panel, known as the Homeland Security Advisory Board, has taken note of reports that the administration plans to make it easier for foreign travelers with vaccine records to enter the country. There has been a new kind of tourism in the United States caused by the global shortage of vaccines and the oversupply in the United States, according to authorities.

There are rich people traveling to the United States to get shots of the COVID-19 vaccine, to go shopping, and to fly back to their home countries after a brief stay in the United States.

It is known as “vaccine tourism,” which represents the fastest-growing class of visits to the San Francisco International Airport Medical Clinic, where the free Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccination is provided. As the first US airport to release vaccine tourism data, the international airport in California set the standard for the industry.

Over 1,000 vaccines have already been administered to visitors from 58 countries around the world, the airport reports. More than 80 percent of people seeking vaccinations at SFO are not citizens of the United States. Among these 1,000 people, only eight come from India.

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There are five countries that are tops on this list of vaccine tourism: Taiwan, Mexico, Philippines, South Korea, and Peru. The figures are low for India, mostly due to the US imposing travel restrictions on Indian citizens due to an outbreak of Coronavirus. Ivar C Satero, Airport Director at the Houston Hobby Airport, described this development as a win-win situation for all.

 Ivar C Satero, Airport Director at the Houston Hobby Airport: I thank the entire team for making this program happen. It will ensure that vaccine doses are not wasted and provide access for those who may not have access to vaccines in their home countries. It will also generate travel dollars for the Bay Area and protect against community spread by providing access.

From mid-May, there has been a free single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccination available at the SFO Medical Clinic in the International Terminal, located pre-security.

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