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The US at Record High In Daily Averages Of New COVID 19 Infections

The US at Record High in Daily Averages of New COVID 19 Infections

The weekly average of new Coronavirus infections in the US is more than 100000. This is the highest since the winter surge.

The daily average of new COVID 19 infections in the US is 100000. This, according to health officials, signals the country’s return to the winter surge. This is also a grim reminder of how fast the Delta variant is spreading all over the country. In late June, the same was almost 11000. At present, it is 107,143. To reach this number previously, the country took nine months. It peaked in January with 250,000. The number was the lowest in June. But within 42 days, it reached 100,000. This happened despite the country being able to vaccinate 70% of the adult population and this is what is worrying the officials.

The US at Record High In Daily Averages Of New COVID 19 Infections

The weekly average of deaths too increased correspondingly. As per the data available from Johns Hopkins University, it was 270 for the past two weeks. As of Friday, the daily average of deaths is over 500.

The Delta variant is spreading fast in the Southern States where the rate of vaccination is relatively low. Hospitals there are about to reach a tipping point with patients being admitting in overwhelming numbers.

Health professionals worry that if people don’t get vaccinated in large numbers, the number of new infections will continue to rise.

The US at Record High In Daily Averages Of New COVID 19 Infections

According to CDC, if the country fails to vaccinate as many people as possible, it is going to witness several hundred thousand new infections a day. It will be a return to the previous surge of winter.

The number of hospitalizations is showing a similar trend. It is now so grim that hospitals are struggling to provide adequate care for patients being admitted there.

In Houston, the healthcare mechanism is almost at a tipping point. It had to take some of its patients out of the city for better care. They had to transfer one patient to North Dakota.

Ambulances there had to wait for hours at a stretch to offload patients in the hospitals here due to lack of beds. This, doctors fear, would long to excessively delayed responses and 911 calls. And hospitals don’t expect to see any relief in the near future, at least for 21 days.

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An 11-month old girl suffering from seizures infected with Coronavirus had to be transported to a hospital 274KM away. Missouri has stationed more than 30 ambulances and 60 personnel to assist in transporting patients.

Even now, health officials maintain that the vaccines authorized for use in the US are effective against all Coronavirus variants including the Delta. Here is what CDC has to say about the Delta variant:

  • Delta variant causes more severe illness than the other strains of the virus, studies suggest.
  • Even the new surge still remains mostly an infection of the unvaccinated.
  • If you are fully vaccinated, you are safe. Even if you get infected, it is going to be either asymptomatic or be a mild to moderate health issue. You can still transmit the virus to others.
  • Even fully vaccinated persons should wear masks indoors. This will ensure that you don’t become a spreader of the disease. As per studies, a Delta-infected person carries a viral load 1000 times higher than that of the earlier variants.
  • CDC’s change of guidelines is not a reversal of its stance. It is only an update in the backdrop of the new surge of infections.Get vaccinated at the earliest. That is the only known way out of this pandemic.
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