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Amongst The United States Senior Citizen, Covid-19 Hospitalization Is Dropping

COVID-19 vaccination among people is surely working, proof of it is by seeing the number of deaths decreasing in older Americans since the start of the year. In the same way, hospitalization among older people has also fallen by more than 70%. The new deal is to convince more and more young people to get vaccines. No convincing reason can be better than the drop in deaths among older people which used to be 8 out of 10 in the beginning. Covid 19 deaths overall have fallen to 700 per day than the 3400 highest number in mid-January.

Amongst The United States Senior Citizen, Covid-19 Hospitalization Is Dropping

A public health researcher from Emory University, Jodie Guest said that this is the same thing that they were expecting to happen. He added that the hospitalization and death rate would fall as more and more people are vaccinated. The best available report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is that there is a 50% fall in the seniors’ deaths after January. The report is still incomplete and subjected to review. However, the figures that suggest the death rate fall is supporting the approach that the United States has taken by putting the elders at the front for vaccination.

Amongst The United States Senior Citizen, Covid-19 Hospitalization Is Dropping

The United States is following all the things that are happening in other parts of the world like Britain and Israel whose condition is improving due to high vaccination rates, and like Brazil and India whose condition is worsening due to lesser distribution. Hospitalizations are going down mainly due to the vaccination in senior citizens which is like two-thirds of seniors are fully vaccinated and 80% are given at least a single shot. While in adults only 50% are said to be given at least a single shot, by U.S. government statistics.

The demand is decreasing day by day compared to the supply in adults. According to CDC figures, the average dose given per day has decreased from 3.2 million to 2.9 million in mid-April.

Guest said that if the vaccine demand will not increase in younger adults then we will not be able to see the impact that we saw in older senior citizens. 

Currently, the number of positive cases per day has stuck at problematic numbers like 60,000 which is similar to last summer’s. These cases are mostly in the younger adults who are in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. The hospitalizations are mostly of the same ages.

In Michigan, due to the recent infections, the hospitalizations in the age group of the 50s have increased 700% since late February.

In Seattle’s King County, the physicians see less need for critical care, fewer Covid-19 patients overall, and also lesser needs of breathing machines due to these younger patients who are more likely to survive.

A critical care doctor at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, Dr. Mark Sullivan said that due to their youth they manage to recover quickly.

As more and more people will be vaccinated the infection will decrease as the virus will not be able to find people to infect. Israel reached the threshold last month when 40% of people in the country were fully vaccinated. But the United States is facing challenges due to the far greater size, health disparities, and diversity.

President Joe Biden declared on Tuesday, new funding for the employees of the small businesses so that they can get vaccinated and take leaves for recovering the side effects with full pay. However, the main challenge is getting the adults vaccinated who think that they are less exposed to the virus but are the ones spreading it.

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