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Some People In The US Shall Get Booster Shots As Per DR. Scott Goottlieb

As per Dr. Scott, known as the former food and drug administration commissioner, that booster shots might start to seem like the reality for a certain portion of the population. Gottlieb is the one who predicted the news that for immunocompromised patients a panel of expert advisors to CDC to plan to consider booster shots. Gottlieb states that he thinks the bottom line is that we are going to be boosting a certain part of the population. He added that he thinks considering booster shots, in the older and more vulnerable population, especially, is something that we are going to have to do. 

Some People In The US Shall Get Booster Shots As Per DR. Scott Goottlieb

It has been reported and mentioned by Gottlieb, as well, that Isreal is seen offering booster shots to individuals who are adults with severe pre-existing health conditions. On the other hand, UK and France are seen planning to administer booster shots. In the Trump administration, the former FDA chief also noticed data from Israel showing that the covid vaccine durability does not last that long, which is what researchers might have predicted from the out-site.


Some People In The US Shall Get Booster Shots As Per DR. Scott Goottlieb

In terms of boosters, Gottlieb says that we are going to get there soon particularly focusing on the older population that has been vaccinated back in December and January. It could also be that one gets a durable response post the third dose, as per Dr. Gottlieb.

The reimposition of mask mandates across the nation due to the highly transmissible variant, Delta, and has been asked by Host Shephard Smith to Gottlieb. LA County has reintroduced mask mandate Thursday which requires residents to wear masks indoors, as well, regardless of the vaccination status. Smith was told, by Gottlieb, that he thinks LA is seen as an exemption and advised individuals that taking safety mask measures in their own hands. 

LA has been seen reissuing masking up measures as per the new strongest variant that is spreading around the world and was first detected in India. Starting Saturday night, people and the residents of the state shall be required to wear masks in indoor public places, whether they are vaccinated or unvaccinated. 

The latest order was not only seen putting the country further at odds with the California Department of Public Health and the US CDC, both, continue to maintain the fact that vaccinated people in the population are not needed to cover their faces indoors, but this kind of puts officials in a position that is precarious of asking the inoculated dismiss one of the benefits recently that were enjoyed. 

Individuals who are known to be vulnerable, in these hot spots around the country, are going to have to take precautionary measures into their own hands and precautions must be taken, if they think they are seen at risk due to a lot of speed happening in states who have planned on not going back to mask mandates, said Gottlieb.

Keeping in mind the pandemic is not yet over, and everybody need not act like it is as we still have cases rising daily in various parts of the world. Booster shots have been in discussion pending but now we have few countries providing booster shots and we have some who do not believe booster shots are required as of now. 

A proposed population with a few medical conditions will require booster as immunity varies in the older population more compared to the younger population. Newborns also fall under this category. Booster shots are seen as a routine if we think about the future. Being masked up at most times unless with just one more person, who is also vaccinated along with you. 

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