US Will Ship A Further 500 Million Dosages Of Covid-19 Vaccine To Other Countries.

The White House said Wednesday that the United States would substantially boost the quantity of Covid-19 vaccinations it will send to other countries starting in 2022 in an attempt to bring the epidemic to an end globally.

500 Million Dosages Of Covid-19 Vaccine To Other Countries

President Joe Biden will publicly declare that the United States will purchase an extra 500 million Pfizer Covid-19 immunizations to donate to low- and smaller countries around the world as part of a simulated Covid-19 summit here on margins of the United Nations General Assembly, according to a senior government official who provided a sneak preview of the summit. On top of 500 million doses the United States has previously committed to sharing with other countries, the recently launched 500 million doses represent a significant increase.

The vaccinations will start shipping out now in January, and the United States will send out 800 million doses to countries across the globe between January and September of the next year, according to the official. The donation of these vaccinations brings the overall number of vaccines given to foreign countries by the US to more than 1.1 billion.

500 Million Dosages Of Covid-19 Vaccine To Other Countries

“Even as we embarked on an unparalleled domestic vaccination program here, we bought 500 million vaccine doses solely for the purpose of distributing them to the others,” the official explained, adding that the United States will now double that dedication even as the country will continue to vaccinate Americans.

“The President’s tactic from day one was to take care of Americans while also helping to vaccinate the world,” the official said. A COVAX spokesperson said that the extra 500 million vaccinations would be bought at non-profit pricing and given via the Covid-19 Vaccines Worldwide Access program, which is part of the global immunization program known as COVAX.

‘The President will urge on world leaders to step up a global level of ambition in order to end the Covid epidemic by 2022 and to restore greater health security in order to avoid and plan for future pandemics,’ said a spokesperson for the White House.

Vice President Joe Biden will call on global leaders from all sectors to target specific areas needed to aid in ending the pandemic. These include vaccinating the entire world in an efficient and equitable manner, saving lives now by helping to fix the global oxygen crisis, and increasing the availability of tests and therapeutics.

Those attending the summit were given a list of “intentionally ambitious” objectives and targets that will be published once the event is over. Some of the targets anticipated to be set at Wednesday’s summit have already been reported in the media, including pressuring world leaders to jointly commit to vaccinating 70 percent of the worldwide people against Covid-19 within a year and requiring nations to make $3 billion available and this year $7 billion in 2022 for “financing for vaccine preparedness as well as administration, trying to combat hesitancy, and other related activities.”

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