US Moves On With The Virus: People At High Risks!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 21, 2022

The US natives are on the verge of risk due to specific reasons. It is because of the government’s policy of moving on with the pandemic. Transplant recipients, cancer patients, and millions of other Americans are at risk and feeling ignored by the US government. People with a weakened immune system, disabilities, or illnesses are in grave danger because of the pandemic. However, their neighbors and government seek the standard return.

US Moves On With The Virus: People At High Risks

About 3% of United States comprising adults are immunocompromised because of a disease characterized by medical professionals. Tens of millions of more Americans have at least one medical condition, such as asthma or diabetes. These people are more vulnerable to Covid-19 and need more care. But the government sees things as they are planning to overcome this pandemic by endemic approach.

US Moves On With The Virus: People At High Risks

Mask mandates are also to be lifted accordingly by the government; this shows the US government’s approach. Moreover, the people have felt left out because of this movement. New York, Illinois, and California have announced lifting the mask mandates, which is the new source of stress for Americans with vulnerable causes to Coronavirus. The Federal Centers for disease control and prevention said it would soon issue new guidelines in abandoning masks.

According to Dr. Megan Ranney, an emergency physician and academic dean at the School of Public Health at Brown University said that “The best protection in long term is to keep overall infections low.”

According to her, we need to have more stringent protection from places to keep the virus rate multiplying. Every people can be vaccinated. But millions of people have refused to take the vaccination, and the government has not given enough funding for improved ventilation systems in public places.

The Senior policy advisor for equity on the White House Covid 19 response team Dr. Cameron Webb has said to check on Biden’s approach to the vulnerable. He also noted that patients could not be deprioritized according to recent guidance from the Department of Health and Human Services. He also said the administration would implement more actions this week. It has also been said to include a working group of advocates for understanding the matter better.

It would not be ideal to have states fail to protect people at higher risk. California is taking bolder steps when other states continue to deop the mask mandates. They found that Coronavirus may not go away, and we may have to live with this forever and now makes out a plan to manage and live with it.’ Governor of the State Gavin Newsom announced the endemic way of overcoming this pandemic situation. He introduced his approach known as SMARTER, which means Shots, Masks, Awareness, Readiness, Testing, Education, and Rx, respectively.

This is causing distress in the community. Moreover, some may have felt left out. But the government has stuck to the plan of moving on. They have accepted the reality that Coronavirus may never go. It is our overall mental approach that must be changed. He said that we must focus more on prevention over the long term instead of taking small steps which have no use long time. Significant companies like Adidas dropped their mandatory vaccination for US employees.

The US has recorded more than 78 million confirmed cases and more than 930,000 deaths which is high for any nation. The USA is up with a new approach to dealing with the current condition, as the pandemic is prevalent. This is causing major distress and frustration among the people statewide. As the neighbors and government have abandoned them, they have no other option except to wait for the administrative actions this week.

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