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The US Vows To Become Global Vaccination Leader, Mexico Struggles To Fight Off The Surge

China failed to share information in the initial stages of the COVID 19 pandemic. It also refused to give access to international health experts. This, according to the US, aggravated the present crisis in the world. According to an official, that country knows that it did not do what it should have done. Consequently, the virus spread beyond control within no time. And a disaster followed. He also vowed that the US will lead the world in ensuring that everyone is getting vaccinated. The COVID 19 pandemic stresses the need of a stronger global health security mechanism to prevent disasters like this from happening. He also said that they should make the World Health Organization stronger. China too should play a role in it.

The US Vows To Become Global Vaccination Leader, Mexico Struggles To Fight Off The Surge

Allen, a 31-year-old woman received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine recently. Within weeks, she began having persistent dry cough and fatigue. Experts say that vaccines don’t offer full proof protection. But they should provide relief from the symptoms.

The US Vows To Become Global Vaccination Leader, Mexico Struggles To Fight Off The Surge

In the meantime, the US will see a decline in the delivery of Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine. The manufacturer is having a tough time in meeting the stipulated time period. The federal government too announces a decline correspondingly. It will supply less than 800000 doses of the same this week. This is far below the 5000000 doses id previously planned. An official close to the sources said that they expect up to 9% decline in the delivery of the J&J shots this month. This is happening because the company failed to get certification for a contract manufacturer in Baltimore. Recently, up to 15000000 doses of the single-dose vaccine got ruined in their plant.

The two-shot other vaccines continue their momentum in the supply. Authorities expect that the issue with J&J will end towards the end of this month.

According to health officials, Michigan is the State that needs the vaccines most. The State is struggling to contain the current surge. Hospitals are getting overwhelmed. Some are even forced to stop certain non-emergency procedures.

Health officials are urging the government to change it vaccine-distribution strategy.

Democrats are pushing for an increase of vaccine-supply to the hot spots. According to one among its spokesperson, the government gives priority to hotspots. It is the needy who should get the vaccines. What happened today in Michigan can happen anywhere in the country, he added.

President Biden, however, does not promise extra doses of vaccines to the State. It will receive federal sources in treatment and testing. The other states like Illinois and Minnesota to are grappling with the same surge, he said. Michigan, however, is the epicenter of the pandemic in the country. Its 20 hospitals are overwhelmed. And the number of cases is more than 6900 new cases of infections. And the number is on the rise.

In the meantime, COVID 19 survivors are doing their best to help the doctors and nurses who saved their lives.

Last year, Paulo Santos, a real estate executive, returned home after a harrowing fight with the coronavirus infection. He had a tough time making it to his driveway even with a walker. This Saturday, he ran 20 miles between the two hospitals that treated him. His aim was to raise funds for the doctors and nurses and to thank them.  The achievement is a laudable one keeping in mind the fact that he had a heart attack while being treated for coronavirus.

The nurses and doctors were there to cheer for him, both at the starting and at the finishing point.

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