The Us To Witness More Pain And Sufferings In The Days Ahead, Warn Experts

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 3, 2021

Health Officials expect more pain and suffering for the country in the coming days. The number of new infections is on the rise. And according to experts, vaccination is the only way out. They are appealing to all countrymen to get vaccinated at the earliest opportunity. They, however, don’t expect a complete lockdown in the country. People are vaccinated in sufficient numbers to prevent another surge. But stopping the pandemic requires that every single person get inoculated. 

The Us To Witness More Pain And Sufferings In The Days Ahead, Warn Experts

This warning comes in the wake of the CDC reversing its guidelines on using masks. It now recommends that everyone wear a mask, even fully vaccinated people. The Delta variant is the strain of virus that is pushing the current surge in the country.  And it infects even fully vaccinated people. Federal officials cite this study as the reason for the change in their stance.

The Us To Witness More Pain And Sufferings In The Days Ahead, Warn Experts

Almost all new infections in the country are among the unvaccinated people. Break-through infections do happen. But vaccinated people in general experience either no symptoms or minor discomforts.

Research shows that vaccinated people can carry the same amount of viruses as unvaccinated people.

According to health officials, the country is not looking at a complete lockdown, but to more pain and suffering.

COVID 19 is spreading at a faster pace in the country. And Delta variant is responsible for 83% of the new cases here. This is the reason why they keep on exhorting the countrymen to receive their shots against the coronavirus infection at the earliest. Vaccination is the only way out of this pandemic. And they are not seeing it happening this week.

As per the data available, the number of new infections as of July 30th is 77,827. And the daily average of deaths is 358. Reporting of deaths always lags behind the reporting of infections and hospitalizations.

At present, 58% of the American population above 12 years of age is fully vaccinated. People are now receiving the message. And they are lining up in vaccination sites in large numbers in the face of the threat of the Delta variant. The number of vaccination has risen up to 56% this week.

Louisiana is the state with the highest number of infections in the country. And the number of vaccination is now three times higher than what it was in the past.

This is what the country desperately needs, point out health officials. Vaccines work against even the Delta variant. They prevent severe illness, hospitalization, and death to a great extent.

The recommendation of the use of masks indoors even for full vaccination is made because of the deteriorating situation in the country. CDC has also recommended face masks for teachers, students, and visitors in schools all over the country.

Following are a few facts you should know about the Delta variant:

  1. The symptoms of the Delta variant are the same as its predecessors

Symptoms of the Delta variant are the same as its prior versions. But doctors have observed that it makes people sicker, especially youngsters. They grow fast in the respiratory tract. For vaccinated people, the symptoms are mild. They may appear like the common cold. The loss of smell accompanies it.

  1. The disease affects mostly the unvaccinated

Most of the patients hospitalized with the Delta variant are unvaccinated. Vaccines are effective in preventing severe illness and hospitalization.

  1. The effects of Delta variant may become catastrophic in certain areas or communities

The infection can prove more dangerous for unvaccinated people. It may cause more damage in poor countries that suffer vaccine shortages. The impact may last for decades, health experts observe.

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Finally, more variants of the virus may emerge. The country has to get vaccinated to curb the pandemic and prevent the virus from mutating.

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