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USA Breaking All The Records For Growing Cases Of COVID

The COVID 19 is a virus that has affected the lives of the people to the core. This is because of the reason that the people these days are provided with the opportunity to roam freely once again since the lockdown has been lifted. The strain of the virus is so risky that people fail to understand the concept that the task of vaccine development is indeed a challenging task. Also, there have been situations in which the people are provided with the opportunity to live a life of new normal wherein the masks and sanitizers have become a necessary evil.

USA Breaking All The Records For Growing Cases Of COVID

Therefore, in such situations, the main of these people is to assure the fact that people are conscious of the fact that the danger of the virus is not over yet. Many countries like Paris have already been affected by the second wake of the novel coronavirus. 

Also, there have been efforts made so far in providing for the fact that they are in the position to ensure that the main aim of the people and the government together should be to put up a tough front against the government in the best possible manner, therefore, the primary purpose for enforcing this phenomenon is to ensure that these situations are likely to have a determinative role in deciding that how deadly would the second wave of the virus be.

In such cases, the main aim is to unite with each other by social distancing ourselves from each other. Also, the main objective of the kids is to provide for the fact that people should realize that they must protect himself and their families in every possible way from this infection and hence, for these what becomes essential is to ensure that they take all the necessary precautions.

The United States of America is already suffering from the second wave of the virus. Hence, it has become difficult for them to control the cases as the primary reason behind the spreading of the virus has been none other than but the carelessness of the people. The situation has worsened to such an extent that there has been no scope left so far to provide for the fact that nearly in these days 100 k cases are coming up every day. Although the recovery rate has been increasing so far, however, there have been situations in which the people are themselves allowing to get infected.

A superpower like the United States of America is falling short of the medical facilities, and hence, this is highlighting the wrong image of the country in the surroundings outside. The people in the country are facing a constant fear of getting infected by this deadly virus, and hence, with the growing number of people surpassing a new limit each day, the risk has increased further.

There have been 21 states so far that have been able to set new records for reporting the highest cases in a week. The CNN exit polls are in the position to suggest that the COVID-19 isn’t the top issue for the Americans right now. This shows that despite the country being stuck in the jaws of the novel coronavirus outbreak once again for the second time, the Trump administration has been a silent observer by literally turning a blind eye to the developments that have been unfolding around the world.

Therefore, in such cases what becomes essential is to ensure that the people are in the best possible place to take care of themselves in the best possible way by providing that the danger of the infection is not over yet and thus, there is a constant change of getting infected by the disease. In such a situation it is essential to try to create strict rules so that all people can obey them so that no stone remains unturned in the people to make sure that the fact is very cynical these days to preserve one ‘s life in the best possible way. Unity is required in such situations.

The situation is getting worse, and the worst part is that people are still not serious. They are taking it lightly and making the condition impossible to handle.

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