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USA To Invest In $1 Billion Worth Of COVID-19 Rapid Test

As stated by the Biden Administration on Wednesday, it plans on purchasing $1 Billion worth of rapid covid-19 at-home tests and take different actions to multiply the number of tests to the citizens of America by December.

The number of at-home tests by the end of the year should be increased to an amount of 200 million per month, as per the White House. This amount will also expand the number of pharmacies situated in the federal government’s free testing event to 20,000. This was mentioned by the administration.

USA To Invest In $1 Billion Worth Of COVID-19 Rapid Test

Public health experts said what is long overdue is the increasing access to at-home rapid tests. As per Scott Becker, who is the executive officer of the Association of Public Health Laboratories, this is indeed a big deal. He adds, that the White House is started to take action on the testing as a serious job since they have taken their vaccinations.

Many citizens of America have reported a common complaint regarding booking a testing appointment or purchasing at-home rapid tests, in recent months, as per The Post.

USA To Invest In $1 Billion Worth Of COVID-19 Rapid Test

Dr. Anish Jha said that these tests are made cheap and consist of a lot of demand for it, out there. Dr. Jha is known to be a dean of the Brown University School of Public Health. He adds that the reason the market has not worked is due to the US Food and Drug Administration has seemed to make it extremely difficult for these rapid tests to grab a space in the marketplace.

A Harward University epidemiologist who has been known to be advocated for at-home testing, Dr. Michael Mina, mentioned that this trickle of emergency authorizations is everything but promising to get us a great amount of supply of rapid tests, to just be in time for them to be no longer effective against the most contagious variant as of now, Delta. She says, there exist many great tests in billions, that just do not exist here in the United States of America.

The Food and Drug Administration is seen concerned about the rapid at-home tests and them is not accurate enough and are experimented to be slower than the PCR tests. These test kits should be evaluated in a laboratory and such tests generally take days to produce results. It was also reported that the test kits gave false-positive test results for many causing chaos in the medical industry as well, with no beds available enough for the number of infected individuals, that existed. This was a manufacturer defect, the manufacturer being Ellume, who was reported recalling around 195,000 of his at-home covid-19 test kits as they were found in an increased chance, that these test kits would result in false-positive tests.

Being safe and secure in your health matters is now considered to be vital as many are realizing that once there is health in place, and once taking precaution becomes a part of your daily routine, then everything else is in place. Keeping in mind the Covid-19 guidelines, wearing face masks, maintaining distance in a social environment, and maintaining distance at all times is now “trending”. People are seen supporting these causes if anybody catches another fellow person around without a face mask. It is interesting how face masks now come in various fashionable designs, and how this is slowly creeping into our daily routine. But as the condition demands, not being hesitant about covering yourself up once you’re out in the social world, shall bring good health and you will have no regret once we are close to the end of the pandemic.

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