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In The USA, Wearing A Face Mask In School Varies

After the great fight with covid -19 and lockdown, now the schools and colleges are reopening with full guidelines of covid, yet they are vaccinated but, still, proper rules should be followed. But recent reports from schools all across the states say wearing a face mask in the classroom for both students and teachers should not be compulsory.

In The USA, Wearing A Face Mask In School Varies

The authorities are now in the middle of whether to wear a face mask or not. This issue is also taken to a political extent in Iowa and other democratic cities like Iowa city, DesMoines are in favor of wearing face mask because of covid protocol, though the situation is very much improved but still the urge to wear a mask, and on the other hand, the communities have given all the decision rights to the parents and guardian.

McGrory, a superintendent in Ottumwa, said this is a volatile situation as the district Ottumwa has 47000 students, so, they have to be very careful in making any decision as there are a lot of opinions from people. It would be a simpler task if the health department would itself release the rules.*

States like Alaska, Connecticut, California, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Ohio, Utah, and Washington are insisting to wear a mask to both students and teachers. In this case, Dr. Rob Murphy, an infectious disease specialist at Northwestern University said, there should be no discussion about it; the only way is to wear a face mask.

He continues that schools should make some adjustments and implement some rules like reducing class size, limit any contact sports, and yes screening of students and staff should be compulsory when they come to school premises.

There is disagreement among the health authorities on the statement released by the American Academy of Pediatrics that said the school authorities should encourage the staff and students to wear face masks but it’s not compulsory. And the center for disease control and prevention told to wear a face mask whenever is possible to students and teachers.

Some examples from other nations, like in France after the reopening of schools and colleges after so long a time when the virus transmission is almost nil, they have given an option to wear a mask but they should follow other covid protocols like social distancing and regular usage of sanitiser. The same system is followed by Norway. A large rural western Dubuque community school of Iowa has given the right of decision to their parents.

The superintendent Rick Colpitts, said many complaints and arguments were heard about the wearing of a face mask, he says it’s a lose-lose situation, everyone should wear a mask for a year. Claire Hanson, a teacher from Iowa said it’s very difficult for young children to wear their masks all the time.

In the end, they’re very small to understand the situation, but still, she’s in support of wearing a face mark all the time. In Connecticut, the officials may include the mask break between the periods and for the students who are needed or have some health issues.

A mother of 4 years old Kasey Barrett said she was very worried about his son that due to this covid pandemic not able to play with his friends or go out and now she is more worried after school reopening, as his son is not able to wear a mask all the time, she still chooses to wear a mask all the for all the students and staffs.

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