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Dual Usage Of Smoking And Vaping Lead To Unacceptable Respiratory Effects

The people who are trying to quit smoking, it is a great idea that you are just caring about yourself. But if you believe that the combination of both traditional smoking and vaping is good! We can say it is stupidity. This makes your lungs even worse and increases your respiratory problems with the symptoms of coughing and wheezing.

Dual Usage Of Smoking And Vaping Lead To Unacceptable Respiratory Effects

There are many other ways to quit smoking; we can use nicotine patches by swallowing them some days until we get a feeling to stop smoking; varenicline is also a medication by Chantix brand that uses a peaceful medication to stop smoking. These medications are approved by FDA.

Dual Usage Of Smoking And Vaping Lead To Unacceptable Respiratory Effects

The combination of smoking and vaping is quite dangerous rather than switching to only one thing, either smoking or vaping. Some people keep efforts on vaping and smoking to quit smoking, but that is a bad idea that never works. Switching from smoking to vaping may change our risks. Slowly, vaping can also be stopped to avoid other health issues.

According to a study, when a national survey has been conducted, there are 21,000 Americans of age 12 and older who are not having any respiratory problems or symptoms comparing to the late surveys from 2015 to 2016. This data was analyzed to know about what age people are addicted to smoking and facing health issues.  

Later, the survey has been conducted again after a year; the people who don’t smoke or use vaping have 11 percent of respiratory symptoms. The people who used only e-cigarettes for vaping has 12 percent of respiratory symptoms. The people who used only traditional types of cigarettes caused 17 percent.

People who use both traditional tobacco cigarettes, as well as e-cigarettes for vaping, can have nearly 20 percent with respiratory symptoms. The dual usage of traditional tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes causes a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases, which leads to immediate death. This dual usage affects inflammation and oxidative stress because these are under biomarkers that predict cardiovascular disease. Dual usage people have 1.2 times more respiratory symptoms.

After researchers analyzed all the extensive reports, the result has been announced as the dual usage of traditional tobacco cigarettes, and e-cigarettes cause an ultimate immediate death and the people who use only e-cigarettes for vaping causes death in a similar way but which takes some period. The people who use only traditional tobacco cigarettes cause a late time of death.

According to the American Journal of respiratory and critical care medicine department, people with dual usage or only one type of users of tobacco has more risks compared to non-smoking people. there is also a greater risk for those people who don’t smoke. E-cigarettes are invented to promote a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes. But people using both are at their own risk, which leads to a higher risk of problems with cardiopulmonary symptoms.

The best conclusion is to stop the dual usage of smoking with e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes. Smoke only one category; it may be e-cigarette or tobacco cigarette. Smoking only e-cigarettes may reduce the risks of respiratory symptoms rather than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

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