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Vaccinated Have Been Tested COVID-19 Positive

It has been a while since the global pandemic has hit us hard and many of the people of America have finally learned a great lesson on following guidelines and getting their vaccine shots on time along with masking up, whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated. Recently it has been reported that two individuals who have been completely vaccinated have been identified to be Covid-19 positive.

Vaccinated Have Been Tested COVID-19 Positive

This is rare as of now as there have not been any cases as such where people are vaccinated and have been infected by Covid-19. It has surely raised concerns but, following guidelines are on the top of the list and CDC guidelines are now going to be strictly followed as many questions arise such as, “Is that even possible?”, “Are the vaccine’s even real?”, “Is this a scam?”, etc? 

Vaccinated Have Been Tested COVID-19 Positive

As stated this Saturday by the state’s House Democratic Caucus, three completely vaccinated Texas delegation members were tested covid-19 positive. With many cases on the rise now, along with the most contagious variant of Covid-19 known as the Delta variant. The first test result that came out on Friday night was when the Caucus was informed by a member, that they had been reported positive.

The house stated that Caucus Members and the staff took a quick test of which all were negative. Meanwhile on a morning on Saturday, two additionally completely vaccinated members were tested positive. The names of people who have been infected have not seen to be released yet. 

Caucus added that current guidelines will be followed from the CDC which clearly says that fully vaccinated people who are known to be exposed to the virus, need not take any extra precautions unless symptoms start to show up. 

Chairman Chris Turner stated that the House Democratic Caucus is seen following all the guidelines by CDC and even their protocols. He added that this is a sober reminder that Covid-19 has still not left us and though vaccinations are offered tremendously for protection, we all must still take necessary precautions.

They are in touch with the public health experts who are located in Texas, to provide additional guidelines. He mentioned that Caucus will be seen following all recommendations from public health authorities as their work will continue side-by-side. 

This week, Sen. Joseph Manchin, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and Vise President Kamala Harris were seen having several meetings with some of the delegations. It still isn’t clear if any of these members who were present in these meetings were tested positive. 

The covid-19 cases have started to slowly rise, once again, and are starting to concern people and public health experts, globally. CDC guidelines are back in action and citizens of most of the countries, around the world, will be seen following them. As two Texas Democrats were seen infected by Covid-19, the virus, raises many questions as to how is such a reaction could be possible after being vaccinated with two jabs.

The citizens are now warned to mask up, regardless of being vaccinated or unvaccinated, and social distancing is the most important key. Indoor face mask cover-up is even more important as now the Delta variant is out in the open, spreading rapidly as it is also known as the most contagious and highly transmissible strain among the rest of the Covid-19 strains. 

Just a few days ago, the delta variant was out in the air, and vaccines such as Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, etc are, still, known to be quite effective. But after two individuals who have been infected post, their vaccine shots are bringing a lot of questions in a lot of people’s minds.

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