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Vaccinated People Too Die from Covid, But That Does Not Undermine

Colin Powell, a former US Secretary of State, died yesterday from complications due to COVID 19. His family announced that he was fully inoculated against the virus.

He, however, was a multiple myeloma patient. This is a type of blood cancer that affects a particular type of white blood cells called plasma cells.

Vaccinated People Too Die from Covid, But That Does Not Undermine

Plasma cells act as the warriors in your body. They identify germs and fight them off. In a multiple myeloma patient, cancerous cells multiply and push out healthy blood cells.

Health officials, in the meantime, are concerned that Powell’s death will power up the weaponry of anti-vaccine groups. They have no proof of their observations that vaccines are ineffective against COVID 19.

Vaccinated People Too Die from Covid, But That Does Not Undermine

If one dies from COVID 19 even after receiving the shots against it, why go for them?

A reputed analyst has this to say. The first thing people should do is to analyze what scientific research shows. Vaccines are highly effective. They minimize the risk of severe infection, hospitalization, and death.

As per the data CDC released recently, vaccines reduce the possibility of getting tested positive with COVID 19 up to 6-fold. The same is 11-fold when it comes to death. This implies that the likelihood of death for a vaccinated person is 11 times lower than that of someone unvaccinated.

COVID 19 vaccines, however, don’t offer full-proof protection. That is something virtually impossible for medical science. But that does not give you the liberty to remain unvaccinated.

Even if fully vaccinated, a breakthrough infection may kill a person. That is what happened to the former States Secretary who died yesterday. Colin had an underlying medical condition and he was old.

Researchers also remind that this is one of the factors that contributed to the recommendation for booster doses.

In the month of August, federal authorities had advised that immuno-compromised individuals should get an additional dose of either Pfizer or Moderna vaccine based on what they received earlier. They had also reminded that even after the extra dose, those with a weak immune system should practice utmost caution. They, unfortunately, happen to belong to the group of people prone to severe illness if infected with COVID 19.

According to Health officials, people should treat a vaccine as an excellent-quality raincoat. It protects you from moderate rain but may fail during a thunderstorm. And it becomes almost useless in a hurricane. This does not mean that the raincoat you have is defective. It just means that you are under the strong hands of rain. And a raincoat may not be enough to help you out.

If there is too much virus in your vicinity, you are sure to get infected. Here, the villain is not the vaccine, but the virus.

This is the reason why health officials recommend vaccination for everyone. That reduces the circle of infection thereby eliminating the need of trying to save everyone.

Wearing a mask indoors adds up one more layer to your defense against the virus. Experts also want you to know that when you stay safe, you also protect those prone to severe infections.

As per a study done in 13 States, the rate of vaccinated hospitalization was only 4%. The likelihood of the same among the unvaccinated is 17 times. And the vaccinated who suffer from breakthrough infections will either have an underlying health issue or would be older.

Finally, scientists have this to say to anti-vaccine campaigners. They should consider other medications. No medicine is 100% effective. A person may fall ill even after being treated for a health condition. There may be other reasons.

That does not mean that the medicines are futile. Vaccines belong to that category. They don’t prevent the virus but minimize the likelihood of hospitalization and death.

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