Vaccination For Kids To Begin At 2nd Week Of November

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 3, 2021

Kids aged 5 to 11 can now get vaccinated with Pfizer`s vaccine. Jeff Zients who is the White House Coronavirus response coordinator said that the US is fully prepared to vaccinate kids and more resources have been allocated to the medical sector for this vaccination drive.

Zients said that the vaccination drive is set to start from the 2nd week of November and the production is in full force to meet all the requirements throughout the US. He also stated that 15 million kid-sized doses from Pfizer`s lab have already moved out to various parts of the country.

Vaccination For Kids To Begin At 2nd Week Of November

Many of the employers are giving a paid leave for the parents to take their kids for vaccination which is a good initiative. This will make parents at ease as they need not take unpaid leave for this.

CDC is reconvening on Tuesday to see if the vaccine is to be administered to the whole age group or should there be any compartmentalization for the same. Pfizer`s spokesperson said that the kids don’t need the whole vaccine and only one-third is needed for them.

Vaccination For Kids To Begin At 2nd Week Of November

So the company has made a small kid vial for the same and repackaged it in the orange top so it won’t be mixed with the adult vaccine.

Biden administration said that they have secured around 28 million vaccines for the kids aged between 5 and 11 and more than 25,000 extra personals have been dispatched all around the country to help with the distribution and administration of this drive.

For kids, the vaccine dose is 10 micrograms (mg), while that for adults is 30 mg. The vaccine will be shipped in a package of 100 doses while that of adults was packaged at 1170 doses.

Dr. Christina Johns a senior pediatrician from Annapolis said that they are still clueless about when the shipment will reach them and how many packages will be given out to each hospital or clinic as the state did not give out that information firsthand.

She also said that the kids go to school and they need to be considerate about their time as well as they do not want to stretch the vaccination period for a long time.

In a survey conducted it has been found that more than n55% of the parents are willing to give their kids the vaccine as they think this will give them good change against the virus and with schools reopened, they will be much safer. However, on the other side, many of the parents are scared as there is news about the vaccines causing infertility to the kids.

CDC has asked the hospitals and schools to educate the parents on the importance of childhood vaccination in a good way so that they come forward for this. Many articles have also been published stating that there is no relationship between vaccination and infertility and no such cases have been observed anywhere in the world.

White House predicts that vaccinating all kids in the age group of 5 to 11 will at least take 3 months considering the total number and how many of the parents want to wait at least one month before administering the doses to their kids.

Johns stated that she has been getting calls from many parents and many visits in the clinics asking her if the vaccines are safe for the kids. She stated that the vaccines are completely safe and many trials have been conducted before rolling out the vaccines for common people and no issues have been observed as of now.

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