Covid Vaccination Creates Safety Net For Mother And Child

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 17, 2022

All the pregnant women who get their Covid-19 vaccinations on time stay protected along with their unborn. In recent times there has been a reluctance of couples to get their vaccinations. However, it is quite certain after numerous researches, that vaccines can protect women and the fetus.

Covid Vaccination Creates Safety Net For Mother And Child

Moreover, it does not impact the fertility of women as well. Many men who feared taking the vaccine have had fertility issues after being infected. However, all those who took the vaccines on time had added protection.

Covid Vaccination Creates Safety Net For Mother And Child

Any baby who contracts Covid-19 in the first six months stands on a safe pedestal, as far as hospitalizations are concerned. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are circulating in the US at present and are the top vaccinations. All pregnant women who are taking the same are giving birth quite safely. Moreover, the efficacy and protection of the child also increase manifold.

In recent times, close observation of this population of women has shown that babies who are below six months of age and have added protection in the form of any of the above vaccinations are doing well. They can be isolated along with the mothers if they contract the infection.

The above studies have been conducted on as many as four hundred pediatric samples of babies from August to January, this year. The study was mainly based on the effects of proper immunization of the mother.

The researchers did not take the samples of the partially vaccinated or fully-vaccinated mothers. The main aim of the studies was to highlight the efficacy of the vaccine on the health and immunity of babies born to unvaccinated mothers.

CDC is very vigilant and trying to highlight the efficacy of the vaccine in several populations today. And the maternity section is one point of judgment, as there is no vaccine yet for infants and toddlers till 5 years of age.

The vaccination of this age group has again been pushed to April. So, now it is up to the parents to give a helping hand to the section. The latest studies by the research groups are important in spreading the message to the masses that vaccination is indeed safe and effective in pregnant women.

It is also seen that those mothers who are not vaccinated and catch Covid while pregnant stand a bigger chance to give premature birth or the baby may be stillborn. In recent times it also may be noted that all those babies born to unvaccinated women stood a greater risk of hospitalization owing to the infection.

The occupants in the pediatric hospitals and ICUs are mostly children, whose mothers were not vaccinated. The vaccine has been observed to be more effective for mothers and their babies, who got the vaccination very near to their delivery date. Infants whose mothers were given the vaccine after 21 weeks or 14 days before the delivery, showed greater efficacy in protecting the babies against severity. Additionally, it was also found out that women who got their vaccines before 21 weeks, showed less protection on the fetus.

The sooner the date of vaccination to delivery, the better is the protection as derived from the sample data. All in all, it is important for all pregnant women to get vaccinated as fast as possible so there are no complications during pregnancy. Pregnant people are landing in the ICU, day in and day out, and doctors find that they are not vaccinated.

This trend shows that the vaccines are indeed effective in protecting, as well as lowering the implications of the coronavirus. It is so for the women and their babies as well.

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