Vaccination Is A Boon For Pregnant Women Today

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 9, 2022

From the very beginning of the pandemic, when the vaccinations started pouring in, the authorities have stressed the usefulness of vaccines for pregnant women. Initially, many women were hesitant to take the vaccine. But, time and again, research has come upon the same, stating that vaccines can give a huge boost to expecting mothers.

Earlier, gynecologists used to recommend folic acid supplements, iron supplements, and Vitamins of various kinds from the first trimester itself. Now, things have turned different. Now, vaccination also seems to be added to the list. Doctors also ask women to give addictions a miss while carrying a child.

Vaccination Is A Boon For Pregnant Women Today

There is a lot of confusion, and there was a lot of confusion as well, pertaining to this. However, researchers have been working on this from 202 itself. Vaccinations seem to add another layer of protection to the baby in the womb and also after birth. The breastfeeding mother also produces milk that has antibodies. So, the antibodies inside the expectant mother and those in milk also add to the arsenal.

Vaccination Is A Boon For Pregnant Women Today

The National Institutes of Health is constantly conducting research that revolves around pregnancy, childbirth, and vaccination. Moderate Covid-19 symptoms can affect a child and the mother as well if reports are to be believed.

There are various kinds of complications that arise due to Covid-19 infection. It can also hamper a normal delivery. A pregnant mother may also require a cesarean delivery if the mother contracts the infection while delivery is scheduled. Many doctors used to back out in the past when the incumbent was diagnosed with Covid-19.

Apart from the above, there are several other complications, as well. The mother may also have to deliver a preterm baby. The baby may or may not contract the virus. Additionally, the baby may or may not die during childbirth. Postpartum hemorrhage also cannot be ruled out.

The researchers worked on 13,000 samples of pregnant women. Out of the same, 2,400 women were diagnosed with the virus. The SARS-CoV-2 infection required pregnant women to take the vaccines to avoid severe complications.

Several other reports were published that corroborate the fact that vaccination for pregnant women is a necessity. Vaccination during the pregnancy phase has the power to produce more antibodies than in normal times. It provides a natural immunity or guard to the children after childbirth.

Everybody knows that there is no newborn vaccine that can guard babies against infection. So, the antibodies in the mother’s blood often shift to the baby in the womb. Or else, the baby is born with immunity. So, vaccination is a strong case.

Many couples who are trying to start a family fear that vaccination may also lead to infertility. However, they cannot be too far from the truth. The vaccinated individuals have had no problems in getting pregnant, as studies revealed. However, men who did not get vaccinated and contracted Covid-19 had fertility issues for the next few months.

When researchers tested the babies born out of the vaccinated mothers, against the ones who were not vaccinated, it was seen that the babies had good reserves of antibodies in the blood, as against all those who were unvaccinated.

At six months of age, some babies had more than 60% of antibodies in the blood as well. These data and findings can provide the impetus to mothers who are hesitant. Vaccination any day can increase and improve the chances of survival for the babies, who still get infected with the virus after precautions are maintained by the mothers.

Pregnant women are at a huge risk for complications if the same is not followed. 

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