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Vaccine Mandate Details To Be Published By Biden Administration

Covid 19 has affected the lives of millions of people all around the world. With the vaccines now available the hospitalization and date rate has started to decline at a good rate.

The Biden administration is all set to release a new rule stating that all private companies with more than 100 employees should be fully vaccinated against covid 19. This rule is said to cover more than two-thirds of the private sector ensuring the mass population has been vaccinated.

Vaccine Mandate Details To Be Published By Biden Administration

Labor Department said that companies need to make this vaccine rule mandatory or if not test their employees regularly and should have the testing report if and when the government officials ask for it. Wearing a mask even though you are fully vaccinated is still mandatory at workplaces.

This rule also requires employers to pay for sick leave and paid leave for employees when they go for vaccination. The Office of Management of Budget (OMB) has conducted several meetings to discuss this rule and has been voted a go on Monday and to be enforced effective immediately.

Vaccine Mandate Details To Be Published By Biden Administration

A labor department spokesperson said that the Federal Register will be publishing this mandatory rule in the coming days with emergency approval. Many of the business groups have requested the Biden administration to delay this mandate rule as there is a busy holiday season coming up and many of the employees might quit during this time if these mandate rules are implemented directly.

Biden administration has responded saying that the businesses will have some time before the rule is made mandatory so that they can prepare their employees accordingly and explain to them the guidelines for the same.

In a survey conducted it has been found that 56% of the employees are ready to get fully vaccinated to keep working, however, many people raised concerns that this should not be a mandated rule and making it mandatory is life taking their human rights away from them.

A few people have stated that they are ready to get vaccinated however the company should put out a notice stating that if employees are seen having any side effects and needs time for their recovery the company will be paying them.

Among all the queries raised with the vaccine mandate, the Biden administration has asked the employers to give out all the necessary information to the employees so that they can make an informed decision.

Many of the companies are starting vaccine drives at their own site so that the employees need not go to a hospital and wait in line. This gives hope to many employees as they will be in a safe zone and the process will be much faster rather than waiting hours at hospitals.

The latest report published by CDC shows that the hospitalization and data rate all around America is going down with more and more people getting vaccinated. CDC spokesperson says that once 90% of the population is vaccinated then the country will be close to breaking the covid chain.

Kids in the age group of 5 – 11 are now eligible for vaccination with Pfizer`s vaccine and the state will roll out these in the next week. However, in many of the states, the vaccination rates are still low which is quite a concern and the Biden administration has asked the Governors of those states to make people understand the importance of vaccination and how this will help us in the future.

Many of the companies and schools have resumed their operations and vaccination is mandatory and is a good way to tackle the virus with masks compulsion.

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