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Vaccine Mandate Essential And Non-political; We Want Republicans To Live And Vote, Says Donna Brazile

Donna Brazile, the political strategist, said she has dedicated her life to political campaigns, but she has never hated Republicans or wished them illness or death. She, in fact, wants them to stay alive and vote for GOP candidates. She is glad that President Joe Biden mandated vaccination for all federal employees and onsite contractors. If they do not adhere, they will have to face testing for the COVID-19 virus frequently and other preventive measures. He has also encouraged the states to introduce a $100 incentive to get more and more people vaccinated. 

Brazile believes that local and state governments, businesses, es, and other institutions should impose similar mandates for their workers and contractors. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration should mandate a COVID-19 vaccination proof for their employees, workers, and customers, or whoever enters the workplace. 

Vaccine Mandate Essential And Non-political; We Want Republicans To Live And Vote, Says Donna Brazile

She also believes that just like people have to carry driver’s licenses and other identity cards with them daily, it doesn’t take away their freedom, carrying around the vaccination card would not deprive anyone of their freedom.

She said that there is nothing political in public health mandates. In many places, we see smoking indoors to safeguard people against cancer and other diseases. There are rules for emitting pollutants and gases from vehicles and factories. Drinking and driving are illegal. Schools mandate children to get vaccinated against polio, chickenpox, measles, and other illnesses. Everywhere such rules are imposed to ensure public safety. So even COVID-19 mandates for vaccination and other preventive measures is not political, it just wants to ensure safety from coronavirus and its strains. 

Vaccine Mandate Essential And Non-political; We Want Republicans To Live And Vote, Says Donna Brazil

Brazile debates that whichever political party a person supports, the virus can easily send the person to a hospital or kill them if they have not protected them against it by getting vaccinated. This is a threat to the whole nation and every citizen, on a nonpartisan basis, should respond to it. 

Unfortunately, many vaccine-resistant Republicans are condemning their own workers and supporters to the wrath of coronavirus by not believing in vaccinations. Brazile said it made no sense as Operation Wrap Seed was Donald Trump’s administration’s biggest victory that helped form a safe and effective virus, so rather than resisting it, his supporters should celebrate it by taking the vaccine shots. And additionally, Joe Biden made sure there are enough vaccines available for every American. Both former and present presidents deserve appreciation. 

It seems like the topic is getting way too political. A poll of Washington Post-ABC News found that 86% of Democrats have taken at least one shot of the COVID-19 vaccine, and only 45% Republicans. Around 6% of Democrats are refusing to get vaccinated, while 47% of Republicans are refusing the vaccine. 

Brazile said that she along with millions of other Americans have got vaccinated, and were grateful for the opportunity they were provided. She said she took her first vaccine shot in February when she volunteered at a Washington DC vaccination clinic. She was grateful that she played even a small part in successfully encouraging vulnerable older people into getting vaccinated. They were confined in their homes, doubtful and fearful of what the vaccines may contain. 

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And yet, when every single one of American adults can easily and free of cost access the vaccines, more than half the population still remains unvaccinated. If this continues, death rates and hospitalization will increase beyond control. 

She said that in the face of World War 2, the nation was united and around 418,500 Americans lost their lives. Now the pandemic needs the country to unite once again, with the death toll rising to 610,000. It would be tragic if the citizens waited for hundreds of thousands more deaths. 

Vaccination mandate is becoming essential to protect the people condemning it and the people they come in contact with and to protect the nation from the emergence of more new lethal strains of coronavirus. 

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