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Vaccine Mandate Rule To Be Replaced By Natural Immunity

Coronavirus has affected millions of lives and many organizations as well. In mid-September President Joe Biden stated that vaccination is necessary for all employees in an office of more than 100.

Vaccine Mandate Rule To Be Replaced By Natural Immunity

This decision by President was strongly opposed by the opposition who stated that the President can’t pass on laws without consulting the Parliament and this is a violation of people`s right to make the vaccine mandate.

Vaccine Mandate Rule To Be Replaced By Natural Immunity

There have been many federal cases filed by a few states against the vaccine mandate. The latest weapon against the vaccine mandate is natural immunity. The Republicans state that people who have recovered from the coronavirus need not get vaccinated if they don’t want to as their bodies have developed natural resistance against the virus while recovery.

This has been passed in Florida wherein people who have gained natural immunity need not get vaccinated and stated that the state law is more powerful and logical over President Joe Biden`s vaccine mandate.

However, when speaking to scientists about natural immunity many of them acknowledged that people who have recovered from coronavirus will have natural immunity. But, getting vaccinated makes their immunity much stronger, and less chance of hospitalization.

Scientists also explained that natural immunity might be different for different people, for some it will stay for a longer duration while for some it might not stay even for a month. Thus, scientists have stated that getting vaccinated is one of the best options for people all around the world.

As per the data from CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) people who were infected with the virus and recovered and still did not get vaccinated were more likely to get hospitalized again.

As per a study people who recovered from covid 19 and are not vaccinated were 5 times more susceptible to getting the virus again as compared to people who got vaccinated.

Dr. David Dowdy from Johns Hopkins stated that getting cured of the virus will give you immunity and natural immunity is the best, however, getting vaccination makes your chances of being virus-free a lot higher and during these times the more is your chance the better.

It has also been stated in a report by CDC that people who got recovered from the virus and got vaccinated developed a hybrid immunity. This hybrid immunity is much stronger than natural immunity or immunity gained solely by vaccines.

The other issue that the US is facing is that the number of cases is again on the rise. Most doctors say this is due to winter as the immunity of people gets weak during this time. As per data from CDC more than 60 million people are still unvaccinated and if they don’t get their first dose by peak winter then the hospitals will be flooded again.

Ron DeSantis the Florida governor stated that they are pursuing natural immunity and it is backed by science as well. This newly passed law in Florida has given an exemption for private companies to not adhere to the Biden administration vaccine mandate law.

However, people would need to prove that they have got immunity from the previous recovery and medical exemptions can also be taken if they are well backed by doctors.

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