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Vaccine Mandates Trigger Clash between Police Unions Cities

Police departments in the U.S that require their officers to be vaccinated against Coronavirus have been protesting across Police unions throughout the country and the officers have been filing cases to put a ban on the vaccine mandates.

Ever since the vaccine mandates took effect across the U.S, Police unions and officers across the nation have been running up against it by filing lawsuits against the mandates.

Vaccine Mandates Trigger Clash between Police Unions Cities

The head of the police union in Chicago encouraged its members to go against the city’s Friday deadline for submitting their COVID  19 vaccination status.

The Mayor of Chicago has filed a case against the local Fraternal Order of Police leader for encouraging, supporting, and engaging in the strike and work stoppage by pushing over 12,000 uniformed officers to defy the city’s law and order by ignoring the orders to report their vaccination status.

Vaccine Mandates Trigger Clash between Police Unions Cities

In Seattle, the police department had to send non-patrol officers and detectives for emergency calls owing to a shortage of patrol officers. The police union leaders fear the situation getting worse with vaccine mandates taking effect.

This clash has come at a time when the police departments are already dealing with staff shortages not related to vaccines as well as rising homicide rates, so cities and police officers are now fearing losing more staff to suspensions, resignations, and firing because of their unwillingness to get vaccinated.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said on Thursday that officers will not be sent home if they report to work on Friday without submitting their vaccination status. She added that they will, instead, be put on unpaid leaves from Monday as evaluating the case will take a few days.

Lightfoot also said that refusing to report their vaccination information will account for an act of insubordination.

During his appearance on Fox News, President of the local Fraternal Order of Police in Chicago, John Catanzaro called the vaccine mandates “absolutely wrong” and reasoned that almost half of his team members are not vaccinated yet.

John Catanzaro further added that his officers have been willing to be put on a no-pay status from midnight itself and be sent home, suggesting that the city cannot afford to lose police officers like this to resignations, suspensions, and firing.

He justified his stand by reasoning that the police are a part of a profession that no other American is willing to do right now and it will not be possible to replace them by getting anybody into the police academy.

Last week, even Sheriff Alex Villanueva of Los Angeles County was clear that he will not push his workforce of 18,000 employees to get themselves vaccinated in spite of a county mandate as he was not willing to lose almost 5% to 10% of his workforce overnight.

In San Diego as well, thousands of police officers were of the opinion that they would rather quit than comply with the vaccination mandates.

As per the Officer Down Memorial Page, over 460 law enforcement officers have died of coronavirus so far, but despite that, there has been growing resistance to the vaccine mandates amongst the front-line responders.

Resistance to the mandates has begun spilling over to other workplaces too, which include the NBA and one of the U.S’s premier nuclear weapons laboratories.

While employees at Los Alamos National Laboratory faced a Friday deadline to get vaccinated or risk being suspended as a New Mexico judge rejected an end minute plea by dozens of scientists to ban the mandate, in NBA, Brooklyn Nets is not allowing its star player Kyrie Irving to play or practice until he is vaccinated.  

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