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Vaccine Is needed, Natural Infection Alone Cannot Protect Against COVID-19

There is a notion among the already infected and recovered patients that if you are once infected with COVID there is no need to get vaccinated. But health experts say this is not at all true. Though it’s a known fact that antibodies are created if you get infected this is not enough. Vaccines are a must requirement to protect against COVID. Those who have got previously infected and recovered must get their dose of vaccines to stay protected against different variants that are rapidly emerging.

Nicole Iovine, an epidemiologist at Florida health in Gainseville said that though the body creates antibodies in those infected only a small percentage of that is actually protective when you get vaccinated the entire response is fighting against viruses spike protein. A study that was published by CDC showed that those who are unvaccinated and got infected with COVID are at higher risk to get infected again and again compared to those who are fully vaccinated.

Vaccine Is needed, Natural Infection Alone Cannot Protect Against COVID-19

This study was performed on various Kentucky residents who were previously infected with COVID. Those who were unvaccinated stood at risk of   2.34 times prone to get infected. Post this study CDC director Rochelle Walensky said that people who got infected previously must get vaccinated to stay safe from other variants. This is also the best solution to keep others safe too. Anyone can be at the major risk including youth and children.

Vaccine Is needed, Natural Infection Alone Cannot Protect Against COVID-19

Michael Grosso said those who get reinfected by COVID they are most likely to be asymptomatic, this doubles the risk of spread. Michael Grosso is the chair of pediatrics at North well Health’s Huntington Hospital of Long Island. When people become asymptomatic they don’t realize they are ill but the virus transmits nonetheless. This puts everyone in their contact in danger. If people who come in contact are low in immunity or have pre-existing medical conditions their situation may turn worse.

In October 2020 a Nevada man was reinfected with COVID and according to Lancet Infectious disease case study his situation was way worse than the first time. The spreading is one of the major ways a number of variants are emerging. It gives a chance to viruses to successfully mutate. Currently, more than 90% of cases in the US are the cases of Delta variant.

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The problem with depending only on natural immunity is that there is no study or data that confirms the effectiveness. It is not clear how long the protection may last. Acquired immunity which is the immunity gained after an individual recovers from COVID may provide protection but studies prove vaccines target the virus more potently. The natural immunity may stay only for 6 to 8 months at maximum whereas a vaccination stays for a minimum of a year and definitely more.

There are various health experts working on understanding why immunity lasts longer for a few than others. The factors like obesity and age may be the main contributors. Health officials are repeatedly announcing that vaccinations are tested for safety. The side effects of fever and headache are temporary and are nothing compared to the serious threat virus infection may put us in. If we still choose to stay vaccinated we are taking a huge risk here. Hospitalizations will surely increase. Cases of Long COVID may resurface. Experts urge pregnant women too to take the step towards getting vaccinated.

Iovine said the delta variant will put people at extra risk and the best available solution is to get vaccinated and shield ourselves with the extra protection which is not available by natural infection.

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