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Vaccine Supplies To Be Ramped Up: Says Executives

While the world is hit by the pandemic, the COVID-19 vaccines have provided a sigh of relief to many. President Biden has announced to increase the supply of vaccines by 50% to tackle the situation.

But at that time there were heated arguments between the vaccine developers and the European Union about the delayed supply of vaccines. 

Even the developing countries from Africa has raised concerns about the distribution of vaccines. While the developed nations are struggling with the delays in vaccine supply, developing nations are just hoping to receive the vaccines at least towards the end of this year.

WHO, however, is working on the program for distributing a handful of vaccines to developing nations to check the spread of the pandemic.

But to the relief of all, the executives of the Pfizer and Moderna have announced that the vaccine production is now going to be ramped up.

The coronavirus vaccine shipments can be expected to double and even triple in size by the coming week. The Congressional testimony released on Monday claims the statement to be true.

Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are developed by using messenger RNA of the SARS-Cov2 virus. The RNA when injected into the human body will signal the immune system to get activated and start learning to see spike proteins, available on the COVID-19 virus, as a foreign particle. In return antibodies and related weapons will be developed by the immunity system to fight the virus and provide protection against it.

Vaccine Supplies To Be Ramped Up: Says Executives

A statement would be given before the house subcommittee is likely to announce the vaccine production targets of the two pharma giants. John Young, Pfizer’s chief business officer is expected to announce that the company is planning to hit a goal of 13 million vaccines to be produced in a week by mid of the next month. Right now, the delivery capacity is estimated as 4 to 5 million vaccines per week. 

Vaccine Supplies To Be Ramped Up: Says Executives

As per Young’s testimony, they have supplied around 40 million doses so far and said that these were found to be 95% effective irrespective of the age, color, gender or racial demography. He also added that til now no serious side effects or safety concerns had been identified with the vaccine.

Similarly, Moderna is expected to double the monthly delivery capacity. It is likely to hit a number of 40 million doses in a month by April. According to Modena’s director Dr. Stephen Hoge’s testimony, Moderna has delivered around 45 million doses so far.

According to Pfize’s business officer, Young, the huge rampant of capacity is achieved due to significant number of investments that the company had made into many manufacturing sites and similar improvements. 

When the US has already surpassed the 500,000 death cases due to the COVID-19 infection, there are many questions raised about the equity in the vaccine distribution in states.

Biden government has recently announced to consider the low-income class as well as the people of color who are hit worse than others by the pandemic. Increased vaccine supply is one of the major priorities of the Biden administration.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last year approved the emergency use of the Pfizer and Moderns which are the messenger RNA based vaccines.

These are known to be 90% effective against the COVID-19 infection after two shots. The pharma companies are also claiming the effectiveness against the new coronavirus variants found in different parts of the world, mainly in South Africa and the United Kingdom. However, they agreed that the effectiveness is just a bit less in those cases. 

Given the huge demand for vaccines and the effectiveness against infection, the companies are now investing to ramp up vaccine production and delivery. 

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