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Coronavirus Vaccine In Teens Begins- Johnson & Johnson

Johnson and Johnson began testing Covid-19 vaccinations in teens, as announced on Friday. It has now been expanded to involve the age group 12-17 years old. One-dose vaccines began testing and are in their ongoing phase 2A trial. During September, in which the study began, it was designed for a single-dose and two-dose routine of the firm’s vaccine, at various levels and schedules in adults aged 18-55 and 65 years and older. 

Coronavirus Vaccine In Teens Begins- Johnson & Johnson

In the statement put together on Friday, Vice Chairman of the executive committee and Chief Scientific Officer of Johnson & Johnson, Dr. Paul Stoffels announced “The Pandemic has had an intense impact on adults not just regarding complications of the disease but with their education, well-being, and mental health as well. It is crucial, in this state, that we must develop and provide vaccines for everyone, everywhere, to help fight the virus, to return to an everyday-life routine. The vaccine trial is currently signing in teens in Spain and the United Kingdom and with an expectation of enrollment soon in the United States, the Netherlands, Canada, with Brazil and Argentina to follow. The firm, Johnson & Johnson also announced that it is planning on making the vaccine available for women in pregnancy and younger children. 

Coronavirus Vaccine In Teens Begins- Johnson & Johnson

Hence, for over 130 years, Johnson and Johnson has faithfully been successful at keeping people, in all age groups, well at every stage of life. As a company, they are committed to using their reach and size, for the good. Johnson and Johnson’s main aim has always been and always will be to create healthier communities, to strive and improve access and affordability and put a healthy mind, body and environment within the reach of everybody everywhere!

However, none of the three vaccines, currently, has been accepted for emergency use. In the US, approval has been given for use in teens under 16 years of age. 

Comparing the three Covid-19 vaccines:

Developed by the J&J’s vaccine division, Johnson & Johnson’s one-dose covid vaccine was shown to be 66% protective against moderate to severe conditions. Importantly it was 85% effective in severe covid-19 conditions, with absolutely zero deaths and no hospitalizations among people. 

Pfizer and Moderna are created using messenger RNA or mostly known as mRNA– a technology that provides a bit of genetic code to cells in the body which in effect creates a recipe of the surface protein  on the SARS-2 Virus. These proteins activate the immune system, allowing it to view the spike protein as foreign and help develop antibodies and various other immunity weapons to fight the Covid-19 Virus. 

Johnson & Johnson, operates a new approach to instruct human cells to make the SARS-2 spike protein, which then triggers an immune response which is known as a viral vectored vaccine. A harmless adenovirus- belonging to a large family of viruses, some of which cause the common cold- has been designed to carry the genetic code of SPARS-2 spike protein. The same methodology was used to create the Ebola vaccine, which has been authorized for use by European Medicines Agency.   

Pfizer vaccine showed 95% efficacy at avoiding symptomatic Covid Infection after two doses. The vaccine appeared to be moreover equally safe among the age, racial and ethnic groups. 

Moderna Vaccine showed 94.1% efficacy, slightly lower in people 65 and older, and equally effective in various ethnic and racial groups. 

The Johnson & Johnson one-dose vaccine showed 85% efficacy against severe disease along with no differences across the eight countries or three regions, nor across races, ethnicity, or age groups. 

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