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Vaccines And Mandates. What Can Be Done?

What bad news is, the delta variant is soaring all over the United States. But what is good news is that people have the access to do something about it. The federal government has made the vaccine for COVID-19 free. People can go to pharmacy stores and get the vaccines absolutely free of cost. And yet again, blame it on misinformation spread by social media or ignorance in people, only 50% of the total eligible population is fully vaccinated. 

It looks like the situation is really unfortunate, when people can, but are not. The delta variant, as expressed by scientists and medical experts, is the most contagious variant that the world has seen so far. There are also concerns about the vaccines being not much efficient against it. It is causing high deaths and hospitalization among unvaccinated people.

Vaccines And Mandates. What Can Be Done?

Efforts are ongoing to put the coronavirus behind us for good. The officials have tried everything from persuasion to mandates, to lotteries and requests. The White House’s surgeon general Vivek Murthy has personally tried to warn people to not fall for fake claims. Even the President of the United States has asked social media platforms to curb misinformation. Even the conservative Republicans are urging people to get vaccinated. But it seems like Americans are paying no heed. 

However, it will be challenging to mandate the vaccines in the public sector, private sectors need to step up. It can mandate vaccines for its employees. The Biden government is still unclear about introducing the vaccine mandate. A federal rule of mandating the vaccine will be nearly impossible. It seems like the politicization of everything related to preventive measures from masks to vaccines has negatively impacted the country. Politicians do not want to risk facing backlash in their 2022 midterm. 

Vaccines And Mandates. What Can Be Done?

The private sector is in a position to mandate vaccines. Many universities, health care facilities and many employers are already mandating vaccines for flu and HPV, rubella, measles, and mumps. As workers start joining with others coming in more physical proximity, it is the duty of employers to keep them safe. 

Thinking that these mandates are illegal is wrong. Laws can not prevent employers from needing the employees to be fully vaccinated before entering the workplace physically, as it has already been cleared by the Employment Opportunity Commission. Even the courts have supported this decision. These mandates are capable of saving lives and maximize health benefits. 

Houston Methodist Hospital introduced mandatory vaccines which have resulted in a positive outcome. Over 99% of the hospital staff is vaccinated. Operating 13 senior living homes in a dozen of states, IntegraCare has announced that their 100% staff is fully vaccinated. The University of Pennsylvania has mandated vaccines for faculties and staff members, and many have followed the lead. Over 600 universities have made it compulsory for students to get vaccinated. United and Delta airlines mandated their new employees to get vaccinated and even the show Hamilton has asked the performers to get vaccinated before joining any show. Nearly 57 organizations that represent every healthcare aspect from doctors to nurses and physicians mandate vaccination. 

It is becoming essential to introduce mandates when people come in close proximity with others such as restaurants, cinemas, grocery stores, general stores and so on. The public sector can soon follow the steps of the private sector to mandate vaccines. Many institutions are using poor excuses like the government giving vaccines emergency approval as the means to remain unvaccinated. It is likely that the Food and Drug Administration will give the vaccines full approval by the end of next month to Pfizer and Moderna. 

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