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Vaccines Do Not Complicate Pregnancy Or Cause Infertility, Assure Experts

The widespread misinformation prevailing in the country has been preventing women from getting vaccinated. They fear infertility from vaccine shots.

The country is experiencing a high surge of the fourth wave surged by the highly contagious delta variant, amidst which the health officials and experts are tirelessly working to create awareness among the unvaccinated people.

Vaccines Do Not Complicate Pregnancy Or Cause Infertility, Assure Experts

During a recent interview with Dr. Molly Hoss, who is a doctor and a mother of a year-old daughter, advised people to get vaccinated. She said that no evidence suggests vaccines causing infertility. Juliana, her daughter born last July, is now one year old. This was before the vaccines were developed, but she got her doses at Anschutz Medical Campus of the UCHealth University of Colorado when she became eligible, Hoss practices at Denver Central park neighborhood located UCHealth A.F. Williams Family Medicine Clinic.

Vaccines Do Not Complicate Pregnancy Or Cause Infertility, Assure Experts

Dr. Anna Euser, UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital’s maternal-fetal medicine specialist believes the same. She strongly encourages women to get vaccinated even when they are pregnant. Euser was pregnant during the pandemic. She thoroughly devoted herself to research whether the vaccines are safe for pregnant women and thrilled by the conclusion, took the shot as soon as she became eligible. During her first Pfizer dose, she was 32 weeks pregnant and at 35 weeks, she took the second dose. She was pleased to know that her immunity against coronavirus has passed on to her baby girl, Nell.

Hoss too conducted personal research during the time. She too was pleased to know that her immunity passed on to Juliana through her breast milk. Hoss hopes to conceive soon, now that she’s confident about her safety and wouldn’t cause problems in delivering another baby.

Vaccines are safe for women wanting to conceive and do not cause infertility, says research. During the trials of COVID-19 vaccines, researchers observed sperm counts for men, and there is no difference between those who got vaccinated and those who did not. Hoss said that researchers tested ovarian reserves which showed no difference before and after vaccination.

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Hoss said that several of her vaccinated patients got pregnant and she herself plans for it again too. Hoss, 36, is worried about her age and not the vaccines for getting pregnant again, as even when vaccines don’t, aging does declines fertility.

ACOG, or American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists also backs Hoss’s views. According to an ACOG expert, claims that link infertility risk to the COVID-19 vaccines is unfounded. The ACOG advises every eligible citizen, including those who are pregnant or want to get pregnant, to get vaccinated.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believe the same. They say that even if someone is planning to conceive in the future, vaccines cause no harm. The CDC experts say that no evidence binds men and women fertility with the COVID-19 vaccines.

Hoss accepts that vaccination can change some women’s menstrual cycles, but assures that this is temporary. These changes can be experienced after contracting coronavirus too. These happen because of the inflammatory responses. She says that these changes are short-lived and would eventually go back to normal.

Hoss, who was in her second trimester during the pandemic beginning, started seeing her patients virtually because of the increased risk of complications to pregnant women.

Hoss’s message is clear, that the pandemic is serious and vaccination is the only way out. She said that as a doctor, she has first handedly seen the effects of COVID-19 on people’s lives. It impacts people differently, but the best solution is to trust the vaccines and get the shots.

Hoss says that she reassures moms who are scared of the vaccines that they are safe.

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