The Vaccines Seem To Be Effective Against Long Covid!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 18, 2022

Standing at a time when Covid-19 cases are still making the healthcare fraternity lose sanity, the vaccines seem to be effective. It is believed that they are effective against the severity of the disease. The healthcare facilities in several states in the US seem to be in bad condition.

The Vaccines Seem To Be Effective Against Long Covid!

When most people were hopeful about the pandemic ending, Omicron stepped into the lives of unsuspecting individuals. The variant has proven to be less lethal but very contagious. It has been found to be more contagious than the earlier ones, as well. Then, there is the problem of Long Covid symptoms.

The Vaccines Seem To Be Effective Against Long Covid!

However, the only ray of hope at the moment is vaccines. The US has seen lockdowns and restrictions, and probably more. However, one has to believe in the efficacy of the vaccines. Currently, three major vaccine makers are doing the rounds in the US. They are Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson and Johnson.

From the very beginning, the government has been reiterating that vaccines are not meant to stop the virus from evading the body. It is meant to protect individuals from the severity of the disease. And that is exactly what the vaccine does.

Research and sample studies have revealed that vaccines can lower the severity of the infection, and also prevent hospitalizations. Moreover, they have also been known to prevent what doctors are calling long Covid.

Health agencies from several countries are of the same opinion. So, are the UK Health Security Agencies. Vaccinations have been proven time and again, to prevent long Covid. More than 15 studies from across the globe have proved it.

All those who get vaccinated have fewer symptoms, and some are asymptomatic. When such individuals get a random test or get hospitalized for other issues, it is revealed that they suffered from the illness.

And, those who do not get vaccinated have the symptoms of long Covid. Long Covid symptoms can last as long as 28 days or more. Researchers have found out that the individuals who are double-vaccinated with either of the vaccines or a single one of the third, stay protected against long Covid.

However, those who remain partially vaccinated or unvaccinated stand a chance of contracting the virus in its most severe forms. The vaccines have been seen to be effective in people aged over 60 years.

Moreover, vaccines seem to increase the body’s potential to fight the virus. So, most individuals who contracted Omicron have remained healthy. They have only shown symptoms similar to that of normal Flu. Most people have been vaccinated in the UK, except a small and negligible percent.

Most people who remain unvaccinated have contracted the virus and also suffer from long Covid. Some of the known symptoms of long Covid are tiredness, breath shortness, cough, and muscle pain. The symptoms may last for a month or more for some people.

This is a great piece of information for all those who think that vaccination is a farce. There are several communities and sections in the population in various parts of the globe, that are not getting vaccinated. The plain reasons are that the government had promised a vaccine that could protect.

In reality, no vaccine can stop a virus from infecting an individual, but can only lessen the infection. It acts as protection against severe implications of the disease. Therefore, everyone has been encouraged to get vaccinated at the earliest. The vaccines are also effective for pregnant women, who have been found to transfer some of the antibodies into their unborn children. Some people are reportedly getting well soon after long Covid. However, for more immunocompromised people, it can linger on. 

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