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Ventilators To Florida Amidst COVID Spike

The first day of classes has been started at Baldwin Elementary school. The school has implemented a 30 days’ mask mandate for all the students until the parents choose to opt-out of this mandate. Amidst this, the Federal Government has been sending out hundreds of ventilators to Florida to help the state in the COVID crisis. Currently, the state is dealing with an enormous number of hospitalizations. This sudden spike is driven by unvaccinated. The ventilator devices and other equipment have been sourced by the National Stockpile of the Federal Government. Around 200 ventilators and 100 other small breathing devices have been supplied.

Ventilators To Florida Amidst COVID Spike

On Tuesday Florida Hospital Association reported 14,787 people getting hospitalized for COVID.  It was disturbing data because nearly 90% of ICU beds were occupied. Ed Jimenez, the CEO of Florida health standards University said that this rapid increase of cases is unprecedented. He told that in his hospital 90 % of patients were unvaccinated and hospitalized. This current situation has led the local and state officials to request the equipment from Stockpile.

Ventilators To Florida Amidst COVID Spike

Gov. Ron DeSantis said that that he was not aware of the federal’s allocation of equipment. The organization is so stockpiled over the year that they have to verify these demands. Also, Gov. Ron DeSantis is on a riff with the Biden government over mask mandates. He also said that Biden’s immigration policies were responsible for COVID infections and not the vaccination rates. Biden has reportedly said that they have a look into whether any federal action had to be taken to permit the Florida schools regarding mask mandates.

During COVID-19 health emergency, the FDA has taken actions to help patients and health care providers have regular and continued access to high-quality medical devices and also ensure to respond effectively. This included issuing Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) and guidance documents to provide appropriate recommendations and help expand the availability and capability for various diagnostic, therapeutic, and protective medical devices. These are in high demand during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Hospitals can’t afford ventilators

Health industry experts believe that a big gap of potential life and death is created in the treatment of COVID patients. The lack of ventilators and increased need for them has created a gap. This was also a subject of tense between state officials. Hospitals have been disputing about the supply of lifesaving equipment. Depending on the situation of delta spread the cities individually may need thousands of ventilators. Chris Kiple, chief executive of Ventech systems said that it is going to be a great challenge for states and governments to bring in millions of dollars to something that may be needed in an emergency. But we cannot stay quiet the preparation for the worse has to be done and we should be ready with enough ventilators.

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Ventilator manufacturers are going to achieve a significant boost in coming months around 50 thousand units in one single year. Though the orders are not more it will definitely increase. Also, most hospitals are not in the stage of affording costly equipment. This equipment may be needed but it’s definitely not sure. Most hospitals are not profitable. Ventilators themselves start costing from twenty-five thousand dollars. Even if hospitals buy them they need to invest more in staff because using a ventilator machine requires training. Chairman of National Governors Association Maryland Hogan said all leaders are struggling hard to secure ventilators but there is a lack in availability too. So there exists a problem with ventilator supplies. Hospital officials too cannot estimate the accurate number of ventilator needs. It proves that there is an undefined race with the virus spread.

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