Vice President Announces $1.5B Investment In Health Care

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 24, 2021

In a recent press conference, Kamala Harris the Vice President has stated that $1.5B will be re-routed to the health care system. Biden administration stated that health care workers shortage has affected many communities as help is not available at the required time. $1.5Bb will be re-routed from coronavirus aid and sent to address this issue.

Vice President Announces $1.5B Investment In Health Care

She stated that the amount will go to Nurse Corps, Recovery from substance programs, any programs that is helping loan repayments for students if they are ready to work in underserved areas and high-risk communities. She stated that health care workers needed to be taken care of in order to win against all issues.

Vice President Announces $1.5B To Health Care

As per White House, more than 22,700 people have been enrolled in this program and is the most subscribed program. The covid 19 pandemic has taught us that apart from technological advancement we need to look out for the health care workers as well. She stated that this issue was present for a long time and this needs to be tackled now.

This money will also be used to address health disparities with underserved communities and minority communities as well. She also stated that this will help black pregnancy rates as many of the black pregnancies are lost due to low income. Many of the people are unable to afford proper treatment and this leads to many issues.

Many of the people also stated that they do not get proper help due to bias in health care systems. High blood pressure is observed more in black women as compared to their counterparts. It has been stated that this is due to years of racial bias and this has led to many issues in the black community even though the government is making better laws to counter this.

Harris stated that this new package will help health care workers to work in all regions and people will have easy access to health care. Many of the remote areas do not have proper health care systems in place, this plan will help to set up more tents and personals as well. Harris stated that coronavirus will soon see an endemic stage after which the government will have to look back at other issues which has been in the system for a long time.

CDC has asked pharmacies to stock in vaccines and test kits as they would be of use in the coming months. With the winter season approaching people`s immunity will get low and if not vaccinated the chances of seeing hospitals are more likely. Hospitals on the other hand would be short-staffed during winters as many of the workers will be on vacation.

Biden administration along with many of the health care systems are working in a new way to get vaccines to reach remote areas. In a survey conducted it has been noted that around 39% of the parents are not ready to get their kids vaccinated.

There are 2 reasons for this firstly parents are scared for any side effects the vaccine would bring to their kids and secondly the parents cannot afford a day off from the work.

Biden administration has asked doctors and other health care professionals to provide seminars at hospitals and town halls to spread awareness about the vaccine.

Many of the organizations upon learning about day off said that they will provide a paid leave if parents want to take their kids for vaccination for one day. This move has been appreciated by employees and the President himself which shows that the companies care for their employees.

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