VidMingo Reviews: An Advanced Video Hosting Solution?


Dear readers, if you are here to find out about the newly launched video clip holding option Vidmindo, this VidMingo review article is for you.

Since the launching of VidMingo software, it has gained admiration from people all over the world.

Tom Yeviskov, a famous personality in the field of digital production, delivers another brainchild in the form of VidMingo. Firaz Alameh was the companion of Tom in making the innovative product.

VidMingo Reviews – Is It A Secure Video Hosting Platform?

It has been seen that most entrepreneurs do not use videos to engage more clients. According to marketers, videos are the easiest way to enter the cutthroat competition.

If you are among those people who do not know how to channel their business through videos, whether VidMingo helps or not, will be discussed here. 

People acclaim the VidMingo video hosting platform for its features and benefits. How much bona fide it is? Does it work as to how it claims?

I will reveal all its processes, pros, and cons in this article. The VidMingo review will end with my honest verdict. If you want a shrewd exhibition, consider reading the article.

VidMingo Reviews
CreatorFiras Alameh and Tom Yavsikov
Used ForHigh-Speed Video Hosting
Launch Date13-Mar-2022
Launch Time11:00 EST
Main features
  • Easy Video Editing
  • Easy Screen Recording
  • Video management
  • Supports 360-degree videos
  • Tight security
  • TrainingStep by step instruction guide available
  • User friendly
  • Faster Technology
  • Customization
  • Reach Audience
  • NicheAll
    ProsOwn cloud storage
    ConsCan Purchase the software only through the official site
    Customer SupportEffective and Friendly Support
    Moneyback Guarantee30 Day
    Availability Only through the official site
    Official siteClick Here

    What Is VidMingo Software ?

    VidMingo software is a newly launched video hosting platform that can host state-of-art video clips at high speed. It is a high-speed video hosting solution that curtails the competitors automatically.

    This solution can perform better than others with high-speed technology. This exceptional digital product has reached over 60+ content delivery networks ( CDN) that are made to provide web content in the form of video to the customer.

    In general, the VidMingo video hosting solution is congenial to the marketers as this solution is handy and anyone can run VidMingo from anywhere on the globe.

    VidMingo reviews articulate its craze as it provides content faster and the technology is pocket friendly as well.

    It favorably impacts the clients so that they get hooked to you. The user-friendly solution has some extra features that keep you one step ahead of any other video hosting platform.

    VidMingo Reviews

    Creators Of VidMingo Video Hosting Platfrom

    VidMingo software is the brainchild of Tom Yavsikov who is a popular face in the digital world since 2013.

    Firas Alameh was another person who was involved in the making of the VidMingo video hosting solution. This application has been launched in March 2022.

    VidMingo Creators

    The Features Of VidMingo Hosting Solution

    The popularity of VidMingo software has been grown for its features. This video solution is full of features and those will be unfurled here. 

    • Easy Video Editing:

    VidMingo app is designed with a simple interface with a bunch of features. you can edit the videos in just simple clicks. There is an option called Drag and drop which is made to tell the stories in video form.

    This app provides you options where the video editing becomes smooth and productive. Here is the video resizer section that can make you wonder as you can crop anything and everything.

    One of the biggest reasons for VidMingo’s popularity is that you do not need any design or editing skills to use the app.

    It is more unembellished that new users can use them significantly. However, they are having a section where tutorials are present.

    • HD Stock Library:

    The intuitive video technology is having a bunch of preloaded HD libraries where you can choose according to your niches. 

    A lot of footage, videos, and photos are already stockpiled there that you can use creatively to make wonderful videos. A lot of media are here to enhance the video quality and make it more eye-catchy to its audience.

    Unlike any other giant company, it does not charge you with copyright issues. You can explore the Drag and Drop section in the stock library for better options. 

    • Easy Screen Recording:

    You can capture any scene from your video with the Loom-like screen recording feature. In just simple clicks, you can snap screenshots without lowering the pixel quality. You can capture anything whether the desktop or the window even the application in just one simple click.

    • The Designs:

    One of the key features of the VidMingo hosting platform is that you can design the video thumbnail. The application is full of different graphics, thumbnail collections which you can get with  Drag and drop interface. There are also texts, shapes graphics that can be inserted into your videos. You can customize them according to you.

    • Video management:

    With this application, the authority of VidMingo is offering various features. You can get all the video management needs in just one app. Very easy to upload and stream the video. Also, they are giving 50 Gb storage with the package.

     These are not the end. The application is bountiful with another bunch of features. They are-

    • Supports 360-degree videos.
    • Easy sign in with Google or Facebook.
    • Direct sharing options to any social media
    • Can identify adult content and block them
    • SEO friendly to enhance the digital footprints
    • Tight security
    • Customised features are available.

    How Does VidMingo Hosting Solution Work?

    VidMingo Platform is created to ease any kind of difficulties for users. So you can use this technology to upload or adorn your videos in some simple steps.

    The application can design your videos with better graphics and texts. After the designs, you need to upload them. VidMingo review state that they can upload the videos smoothly with its advanced features.

    You can customize the videos and show your creativity. You can add subtitles, play bars according to you. By adjusting the volume and speed you can deliver some authentic content.

    VidMingo publishes the video without any hassle and here is a feature that can resume the download if it stops somewhere.

    Who Can Get Benefits From VidMingo Software?

    The technology is specially made for doing better marketing. It has been seen that without proper visual representations, businesses can face a lack in getting clients.

    Considering the fact, the app is designed for them where you can make the videos according to your niches.

    Any kind of business owner or small shop owner at the locality can grow their business with the application.

    Apart from that, any marketers who are involved with email marketing or social media posts can easily use it to optimize their footprints.

    This app can be beneficial for affiliate marketers or digital product sellers.

    Those people who are starting their startups can use the app for better branding and marketing. Also, those who want to stream videos can consider the application.

    Benefits Of VidMingo Software

    Some of the benefits of using this VidMingo video hosting software are:

    • User friendly:

    VidMingo video hosting solution has been curated with user-friendly features for every type of person. The interface and the features are easygoing even for the new users.

    You need not struggle to make videos for marketing purposes as it will automatically arrange the video sequence that can reach your target audience.

    • Pocket-friendly:

    The video solution is a kind of one-time investment. You need to purchase them one time and the videos will remain the same in your user account

    The authority will not delete a single video without your permission.

    • Faster Technology:

    The users of this app shared in the VidMingo reviews that the app is smooth and one can upload any video at a faster speed. It runs without lags and glitches so that users can use it hassle-free.

    • Customization:

    With the features of the application, you can customize the videos and the control of your business will remain in your hand as you do not have to worry about copyright or any issues.

    • Reach Audience:

    As the application is curated for marketers, it understands the targeted audience. Also, you can access it from anywhere in the globe to reach your clients.

    They have 60+ centers over Asia, Europe, and America.

    VidMingo Software Pros And Cons

    Every software has both positive and negative sides, here in this section we will discuss some of the pros and cons of the VidMingo Software


    • Supports 360 degree and 4k videos
    • User friendly with 50 GB free space
    • Can add more than 30 thousand videos
    • Instant support helpline availability
    • Money-back Guarantee without any question asked.
    • Own cloud storage
    • Unlimited bandwidth


    • From the VidMingo reviews, it is very clear that users do not find any setbacks from the application. Though it is an advanced technology so you need to use it carefully.

    Should You Buy VidMingo Video Hosting Software ?

    It is a question that bothered me for a long. This is the reason why I checked every fact and feature of the application.

    There are so many reasons mentioned in VidMingo reviews that tell the smooth experience of the application.

    Users have experienced the differences from other video editing apps. That gave me an insight into the application’s oneness. So you can purchase the application.

    VidMingo Customer Reviews

    In the beginning days after launching the application, Customers are loving the applications. More features and easy access made them popular among business owners and marketers which are clearly stated in VidMingo reviews.

    As per many Vidmingo customer reviews, it is clear that there are only a few customers who doubt to use the application.

    VidMingo Customer Reviews

    VidMingo Software Availability And Pricing

    You can purchase the application from its official website. Any other e-commerce websites are not selling the application.

    Do not buy the software from external websites, fake software increases the risk of getting hacked.

    You can purchase the application from the official website at $46 with 30 days money-back guarantee.

    VidMingo Reviews – Final Verdict

    I heard about the VidMingo application from social media and other VidMingo reviews. What attracted me more was its easygoing features.

    Marketers, like me, always look for something user-friendly products, so after hearing about the application I wanted to check its efficacy.

    The features that are given in this application are unique. Its user-friendly interface and security systems are quite amazing. Also, the customized features add some extra benefits to the app.

    In my point of view, the application is pretty cool. However, it is newly launched so people need time to understand if it has any drawbacks.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    In Which devices, can I use the app?

    As it is a cloud-based technology, you can use any device. You can work with both Macbooks and PCs.

    2. Can I get tutorials of the App?

    The interface is very user-friendly. You will find them familiar if you have basic knowledge about video editing. However, the app also has tutorials you can check.

    3. Do they have a money-back guarantee?

    Yes, the authority is offering 3o days money-back guarantee. 

    4. Does it charge Monthly?

    This is a one-time investment. You need to purchase it for one time and you won’t need to repurchase it in your lifetime.


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