Vinnie Hacker’s Bio, Net Worth, Age, Height, Tattoo, Real Name, Brother, And More!!

Vinnie Hacker's Bio, Net Worth, Age, Height, Tattoo, Real Name, Brother, And More

A well-known TikTok star in the United States, Vinnie Hacker is also famous on social media. Vinnie Hacker began his professional baseball career as a high school and college player, winning multiple local and national championships.

Top Things To Know About Vinnie Hacker’s Net Worth, Age, Tattoo

Aside from baseball, his internet career started on various social media platforms. His videos have made him a household name.

Vinnie Hacker's Bio, Net Worth, Age, Height, Tattoo, Real Name, Brother, And More

Who is Vinnie Hacker?

Seattle, Washington, USA, native Vinnie Hacker was born in Seattle on July 14, 2002. Vincent Hacker is his full name. Vinnie’s race is unknown at this time. However, his zodiac sign is Cancer, and he adheres to Christianity. 

In terms of education, he completed his secondary education at O’Dea High School. Moreover, nothing is known regarding his post-secondary schooling or credentials.

Quick Facts

  • Sway gaming’s Vinnie used to be a member.
  • Additionally, he was a part of the Tiktok band.
  • On December 30, 2020, he released his first single, titled Cavity.
  • 3.3 million people have seen his videos on YouTube, with over 272K subscribers.

Vinnie Hacker’s Net Worth

Vinnie has accumulated a sizable fortune by the time he’s in his twenties. By the year 2022, his net worth will be $500,000. While Tiktok and Instagram are the primary sources of his revenue, he also makes money via Twitch. Furthermore, he is a well-known fashion model and has done numerous brand sponsorships and endorsements.

Vinnie Hacker’s Age

On July 14, 2002, Vinnie Hacker was born in the New York City borough of Queens.

Vinnie Hacker’s Height and Weight

You’re curious about the rising star’s physique dimensions, and it’s understandable. Vinnie stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall, making him one of the tallest people in the room.

About 59 kg is his weight. He has a well-toned physique and dresses in a 36-inch suit.

It’s not hard to determine that the young man is a fitness fanatic based on his appearance. Vinnie is a sports fanatic who competes in both baseball and basketball. When it comes to eating preferences, he is a non-vegetarian.

Vinnie Hacker’s Real Name

Vincent Cole Hacker is Vinnie Hacker’s real name.

Vinnie Hacker’s Brother

Reggie Hacker, Vickie Hacker’s younger brother, lives with the family. He is a professional baseball player.

Vinnie Hacker’s Career

Previously he worked as a music video and short film editor, and now he works on social media. It’s something he does for fun. After the advent of TikTok, he began posting comedy and lip-sync videos there.

Within a few months of posting videos, he had gained a following. Vinnie’s fan base is massive. Over 473.8 million people have given him their love.

TikTok’s fame helped him get noticed on other social media platforms. On July 27, 2020, Vinnie created his own YouTube channel with the same name.

After launching a YouTube channel, he only posted eight videos. There have been 388k followers to his YouTube channel as of this writing.

Vinnie Hacker’s Family, Girlfriend & Relationships

A dispatcher for 911 and an electrician are Vinnie Hacker’s parents, as with most children of the same family. Additionally, he has a younger brother named Reggie Hacker, a professional baseball player like him. Vinnie Hacker is currently single. 

For the time being, he is single and has no plans to date anyone shortly. According to sources, his ex-girlfriend, Faith Ordway, is a popular TikToker and content creator.

Some Unusual Facts

  • Is he a cigarette smoker? He’s not a smoker, no.
  • Is he a heavy drinker? Alcohol isn’t something that he consumes.
  • A workout fanatic.
  • He has 5.3 million followers on Instagram.
  • Over 774K people follow him on Twitch.
  • He has more than 770,000 followers on his Twitter page.
  • His YouTube channel has over 523K subscribers
  • Vinnie has more than 13.5 million followers and 753 million likes on

Vincent Cole Hacker, better known by his stage name Vinnie Hacker, is a well-known TikTok star and social media personality in the United States.

His TikTok and YouTube accounts are famous for their funny and quick lip-sync videos.

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