Vinnie Hacker Got A New Tattoo In The Middle Of His Chest!!

Vinnie Hacker Got A New Tattoo In The Middle Of His Chest

Vinnie Hacker’s passion for tattoos is evident from a single glance. He has a specific message in each of his tattoos. He has a slew of body arts under his belt and isn’t hesitant to flaunt them. 

A New Tattoo Has Been Added To The Middle Of Vinnie Hacker’s Chest

His fans and followers are also informed whenever he gets a new tattoo through various social media platforms. He’s done the same recently, posting pictures of his new tattoos on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram, among other social media platforms.

Vinnie Hacker Got A New Tattoo In The Middle Of His Chest

The Meaning of Vinnie Hacker’s New Tattoo

The Hacker’s tattoo collection just got bigger. Through his TikTok account @vhackerr, he made the video available to his TikTok and Twitter friends and followers.

His chest was covered with wing-like ink inspired by the berserk look. Symbolically, the wings represent skeletons, and the Brand of Sacrifice symbolizes them.

Hacker obtained the wings to make the tattoos appear symmetrical with other artworks, and they have nothing to do with Berserk.

There are two new tattoos in the middle of his previous “Break My Heart” and “Spider” inkings. He used black ink to produce these and his other body art. 

Hacker gave a score of “5-6” in response to a question on Twitter about the severity of his pain.

The moniker “Brand of Sacrifice” carries with it a profound connotation. Emblems identify individuals as potential targets for Demons, The Godhand, and the Apostles.

Other Anime-Inspired Tattoo Designs

Many people were intrigued by TikToker’s other anime-related body art when he revealed his new tattoo on his forearm. As a result, he went on a tattoo tour on his TikTok anime account, @ichigostinysandalsv2.

The Brand of Sacrifice is one of many Berserk tattoos that Hacker sports. On his left forearm, one of the characters, Guts, has a tattoo.

Guts’ face is tattooed in black ink on the top of his head in a rectangle. An homage to an ex-mercenary who traveled the world in search of meaning is symbolized by the emblem.

He lost one eye when a demon seized him and gouged his right eye in combat. On the other hand, Hacker has two tattoos honoring JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

On his right forearm, “Made in Heaven” is inscribed. Due to the anime, he stated in his TikTok video that it was difficult for him to grasp.

However, he now claims that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure was the idea for the film. A Stand in Heaven is the culmination of Whitesnake’s and

C-transition. Moon’s second set of TikToker’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure inks has anime-inspired graphics.

A tattoo of Naruto’s character is also on his body. Akatsuki, the legendary ninja group, has a small emblem on his right bicep. The Seven Deadly Sins character Meliodas is tattooed on his back.

Meliodas, like other characters, has been assigned a sin, which explains the depiction. That which grants him enormous strength when furious are the Dragon Sins of Wrath.

Meliodas’ and Hacker’s left biceps are inked with a different design. Hacker has also inked the wrists of both hands with tattoos of the same design.

The line “The mighty are usually lovely” from Vagabond is printed in all capitals on his right wrist. He also has “1000-7” from Tokyo Ghoul tattooed on his left wrist. Even though Hacker now has more than a dozen tattoos, he intends to get more in the future. 

In a tweet by the actor, it was revealed that he was preparing to get a collarbone tattoo. He hasn’t made up his mind yet. His collection of anime-themed body art may grow or shrink over time.

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