Vitamin Deficiency: Cause, Symptoms, Preventions, & Precautions

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 24, 2022

Vitamins are organic compounds that also happen to be essential nutrients for the human body. They help shape the cognitive and motor development in us.

Vitamin Deficiency: Cause, Symptoms, Preventions, & Precautions

Furthermore, vitamins also help in boosting our immune system. Though, mostly we receive vitamins from the food products we eat; while a limited amount is also produced by our bodies.

Vitamin Deficiency: Cause, Symptoms, Preventions, & Precautions

Moreover, vitamins happen to be a vital part of our diet. If not received in an apt quantity, it can negatively impact our health. Vitamin deficiency can even affect the production of red blood cells in our body. 

Vitamins have a huge diversity amongst them, and each vitamin plays a specific role in the human body. For a healthy human body, different types of vitamins are required in different quantities.

In case of a deficiency of any type of vitamin, we must take action immediately to avoid any prolonged or/and harmful disease. Our body gives us various signs in case of a deficiency that we should look out for to avoid any such condition.

Anemia for example is associated with the deficiency of iron in our body, which leads to the malfunctioning of red blood cells and even impacts the circulation of oxygen in the human body. Such a condition is reflected by the change in skin tone to pale.

Also, iron deficiency can be predicted by the presence of brittle nails. While these might be some of the signs, the list doesn’t end here. Iron deficiency extends up to resulting in conditions like chest pain, breath shortness, weakness, fatigue, and a faster heartbeat. Some people also observe a feeling of dizziness and headaches too.

Iron happens to be a crucial vitamin for the human body. It helps in the production of Hemoglobin which in turn is responsible for the red coloring of the blood. Also, it helps in the transportation of oxygenated blood throughout the body via red blood cells.

In addition to this, a major proportion of our internal processes are dependent on some type of nutrient. The deficiency of one such nutrient can disrupt the whole chain and extend our health. Often, a poor appetite and sore tongues are also associated with iron deficiency. 

Some research also shows that in women, as a result of excessive blood loss during menstruation, iron deficiency can be inculcated. During blood loss, the body also loses the red blood cells present in the blood. While in some cases, peptic ulcers also lead to iron deficiency.

Peptic ulcers are a condition caused when the digestive juices of the body tear down the lining of the digestive system. It also leaves behind traces to detect it. Peptic ulcers show symptoms like weight loss, vomiting, loss of appetite, and difficulty in swallowing food.

While our diet is not the only reason behind iron deficiency, it is often linked with celiac disease as well. Though, diet can surely be the reason behind not developing any such deficiency.

For which, it is very important to include as many types of nutrients into our diet to ensure the intake of a balanced meal. Here in this set forth, food products like eggs, green vegetables, and meat are renowned sources of iron.

Usually, an iron deficiency or anemic conditions are treated by providing the required supplements to the patients but only after catering to the cause that resulted in such a situation in the first place. 

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