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Vomiting Side Effect Caused Due To Excessive Use Of Marijuana

With marijuana being legalized in many states the hospitals are seeing a lot of young teenagers being hospitalized due to severe intestinal pain which is mostly caused due to the overuse of marijuana. Dr. Sam Wang from the Children`s Hospital at Colorado stated that most of the admissions complained of nausea and abdominal pains.

Dr. Wang further stated that the admissions continue to vomit until their stomach is empty which can take few hours making a person severely dehydrated. Many of the patients said that they took a hot shower before coming but that didn’t help them.

Vomiting Side Effect Caused Due To Excessive Use Of Marijuana

It has been observed that young teenagers who consume marijuana are more likely to get a heart attack as compared to older adults. Cannabis hyperemesis syndrome was first found in 2004 when the Austrian lain researchers found 19 marijuana users having continuous abdominal pain after consuming too much marijuana. It was further found that for 9 of the people the symptoms went away as they stopped consuming marijuana.

Vomiting Side Effect Caused Due To Excessive Use Of Marijuana

Dr. Wang said most of the patients start experiencing discomfort around the afternoon hours to which they take a hot shower and then are ok for the rest of the day but the situation gets worse again at night times.

Wang is still not sure why people prefer hot baths as there are no studies that state that taking a hot bath will help the effect of marijuana go away.

Tetrahydrocannabinol or also known as THC is one of the main compounds found in weed or in marijuana which has access to the pain receptors of the body. The theory generally used is that using extreme heat will distract the sensation which will interrupt the pain cycle relieving people of their pain caused due to marijuana.

It has been found that the amount of THC in weed and marijuana is increasing at an alarming rate. Earlier in the 90`s the percent of THC that was present in marijuana was 4 to 5% however in the latest marijuana that is available in the market the amount of THC is anywhere between 15 to 20% which is very harmful to the body and causes all the above-said issues in a person.

Wang also said that not all heavy marijuana users are affected by this chronic pain and more research needs to be done in this area to isolate the group of people who are affected by this.

The treatment for such cases with severe abdominal pain and vomiting is to give anti-nausea medicines and IV fluid so that the patient is not severely dehydrated due to vomiting. Doctors order a series of other tests as well such as CT scans, gastric emptying tests, blood, and urine tests as well to check if there is some underlying condition that is not visible directly.

Wang said for some kids this has been their 5th ER visit in the last 2 months and the only way to stop is to keep kids away from marijuana. Research shows that 1 in 5 cases of vomiting admitted in hospitals are due to the use of marijuana and this has raised quite a concern among many of the states about legalizing the use of marijuana.

Wang said consuming marijuana would not cause any harm if taken in the proper count and if the person is healthy enough as well. However, many young teens compete in taking marijuana which makes the issue worse in the future and causes addiction to this substance which is quite hard to get over. He stated that there should be proper counseling provided to kids from school or from home itself.

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