Walmart Focuses On Online Only Sales Amid Covid 19

As the number of coronavirus cases is increasing rapidly across the country, Walmart is now focusing more on online sales to avoid heavy crowds at the stores. In the recently released Black Friday sales ad for the year 2020, the company has posted a 12 page ad with various items going on sale from November 25. Many other items will go on sale on the 27th of this month.

This is the third and final online sale for Black Friday from Walmart this year, and it will begin at 7 pm on November 25. Most consumers are eagerly awaiting the online sales of Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X that are offered at $499.

This is a drastic shift from the regular Black Friday sales of Walmart, which used to be crowded with lots of offers. The footfall would be a record number of visitors every year. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, the retailer does not want to risk anything and chose the online mode for most of the products that are likely to get huge attention from customers. In this way, customers can safely order the products from their home without worrying about visiting the stores.

Yet another advantage for customers is that they can avoid the long queues at the outlets. Previously, many customers used to wait for the entire night to shop early in the morning. This is not an option during the Covid 19 situation, and most customers prefer to shop online for all the needed products. In this regard, Walmart has made a smart move that will appeal to all the customers.

Not only that, even the stores are safe in this way as the staff members will have less crowd to handle. They can easily provide the best service in this manner without compromising on the number of sales. The earlier two online sales for Black Friday deals from Walmart have sold out all the items, and this is also expected to be a huge success considering the demand for such products in the market.

Apart from the online sales, Walmart also has the regular Black Friday sales at the stores, and they will be open at 5 am on November 27 for the Black Friday sales. But, most of the hot-selling items are pushed to only online mode as the retailer does not want to overcrowd the stores on Black Friday.

Scott McCall, Chief Merchandising Officer of Walmart US, said that they want to meet the customers where they are shopping, and it has got to be the online mode in this pandemic situation. Other than that, they also want to provide complete safety for the customers during this festival season and limit the crowd in the stores. In this way, social distancing becomes easy, and they can handle customer queries in a better way.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, some new rules will be in place for Walmart customers. Make sure to carry a mask if you are planning to visit Walmart on Black Friday as the retailer has made it mandatory, and social distancing floor decals are installed at checkout along with plastic barriers. Walmart has even arranged exclusive staff members at the entrance, who will remind the customers to wear a mask while entering the store. These health ambassadors, as Walmart calls them, will help the retailer to impose mask restrictions in a friendly manner for the safety of the customers.

Even after following all these restrictions, there are chances that the store can get overcrowded if a large number of people decide to visit the stores on Black Friday. This was seen in the last few years, and some outlets had to call the police to manage the crowd on such holidays. However, this year will be entirely different due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the retailer will not allow the premises to be overcrowded.

To manage the social distancing norms and reduce congestion inside the stores, the stores will monitor the number of customers inside the stores. In this way, they can block access to additional customers in order to reduce overcrowding inside the stores. Make sure that you reach the stores early if you want to shop for a long time on Black Friday.

Customers are more interested in the online offers of Walmart that have limited quantities of hot selling items. The Apple Watch Series 3 is available for only $119 online, and it will start selling on November 25. Other than that, the Google Nest Hub is available for around $50 on November 27. This item will also be available in the stores on Black Friday. However, the online orders will be restricted to small quantities owing to the limited stock of such items.

For the first time since the last few decades, Walmart stores will be closed on Thanksgiving. However, they will open again on Black Friday at 5 am local time. If you are planning to visit the nearest Walmart stores on this day, be prepared to stand in line with social distancing norms. Apart from that, it also makes sense to carry your mask as it is now mandatory for all customers entering Walmart.

Other retailers like Best Buy and Target are also following similar norms, and most of them are closed on Thanksgiving. They are also taking all the necessary precautions to keep the customers safe during the Black Friday sales. The retailers are now sanitizing the carts so that customers can use them safely without any worries while shopping at the stores.

Considering all these issues, it makes a lot of sense to choose the online deals of Black Friday at Walmart and other major retailers. All you need to do is to visit the official portal early on that day and place your orders quickly. In this way, customers can shop from the comfort of their homes and stay safe during this festival season. As the stores are likely to be crowded on Black Friday, many people will prefer the online deals of the retailer.

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